Thursday, 31 July 2008

Goody goody....

Goody goody is the name of the new colourway from the Blue Moon Sock Club. Just like sweeties - Refreshers, if I am going to be specific. Very pretty, and totally not something that I would ever have chosen for myself. But it is all about stepping outside the box, after all.

There has been some online debate as to whether or not this colourway can be described as pastel. I think that my skein is, without a doubt, but there is a strong coral colour hiding in there as well, just to spice it up a bit. Some people have a quite strong turquoise, as well - not me.

Not just one pattern but two, with this shipment, and I really like the one from JC Briar. I always seem to like her patterns, and with this one she has used my favourite garter stitch heel again, so that the sock is reversible. I think I will enjoy knitting this. And it is pretty!

Actually, I really must get together a basic pattern that uses that heel, I am sure it would become a staple.

What else? More nice things. The little necklace that I was working on the other day did get finished in time for work, and I've been wearing it. It is very light and comfortable, and I like it. It looks like buttons....

I am no good at arty shots, that's clear. Try this.

Not really buttons. Each little disc only has one hole. This has given me some ideas, though, regarding what might be done with real mother-of-pearl buttons.

Something else that is nice arrived this morning in the post.

I love looking through the Toast catalogue. Their things are always totally to my taste - this is Jamie and Jessie Seaton's company, and let us not forget that they used to design knitwear. For Rowan, as well, in the early days.

But this knitting bag - solid wood handles, no plastic here - and made of linen, lined with cotton, and with naive embroidery worked in wool, on both sides - this knitting bag originally sold for £85, and although I looked and I coveted, I never thought of buying. Because that is, shall we say, not cheap. Toast never is. But I managed to get this in the archive sale for £17 and am feeling quite pleased with myself, definitely. Yet another for the collection.

I did finish the Giotto display flag, and I'm quite pleased with this as well. I have been recalling how much I used to enjoy embroidery.

If you think that this doesn't quite look like the picture in the magazine, you would be right. I have condensed the border slightly - but I wasn't going to leave out the embroidered edging. Both this design and Breughel are worked in Kid Classic, and I will just say that for Fair Isle, Kid Classic is just about perfect. It is so nice and grabby - but it is also really soft in the hand. Hard to imagine an improvement, really.

I've finally cast on for another sock, by the way. The last one from the 2007 Blue Moon Sock Club, Cat Bordhi's Salish Sea Socks. Picture sometime soon..... interesting construction, this one.

And now I must head off to work. The new yarns need to have magically appeared on display in the yarnwall when the store opens tomorrow morning, and that necessitates a degree of frantic activity by somebody at strange hours of this evening and tomorrow morning. And that would be me.


Lindsey said...

Ooh, the STR is very pretty. Do they open their memberships once a year, or how does that work? (if you know)

I like your necklace, too. Lots of fun!

Lin said...

The bag is lovely, what a bargain!