Friday, 11 July 2008

Back in the saddle

Actually, I've just been listening to a Cast-On podcast with that title. I'm working my way through all the back issues on my drive to and from work, and there's only about a dozen left. It is a long drive, you see. And I'm not even going to mention petrol prices at the moment. I will just say, very quietly, £5.62 for one Imperial gallon. Or for those on the other side of the pond, US$ 9.47 for one US gallon. I am very glad that I have a Smart car.

Anyway, the new battery for my camera finally arrived, and things can now return to normal - or they could if Blogger would let me upload pictures. Most frustrating. I shall try again later.

I am still knitting, although I have been somewhat sidetracked. Dauphine is sitting on the table in the conservatory looking at me reproachfully, because I don't think I've worked more than a couple of rows on it this week.

Instead, I seem to be stuck on Kidsilk Haze. Currently flying off the needles is the Slouchy Cover-Up from Rowan Studio 5, in Ice Cream, which is a rather nice champagne colour. If ice cream were actually this colour, it would probably be a mixture of peach and vanilla. Or maybe a vanilla made with Jersey cream. If Blogger would let me show you a picture then all would be clear.

Anyway, it is lovely. I haven't worked with KSH for a while now, and I had almost forgotten how nice it is to knit with. This is two strands of KSH held together, on 5.5mm needles, so it is growing fast.

I think that I will just finish the back of this today, and then I have something rather nice to do, which I am really looking forward to. Display flags. I've done a set of these once before, shortly after I started working for Rowan, and I really enjoyed it then. This time looks to be even more fun. A whole array of nice little swatches - well, not so little actually - for a whole selection of patterns from the new Autumn/Winter range. Excellent fun.

And, yes, I have a copy of the new magazine already. No, I'm not telling you what's in it. I will just say that there are eight designs that absolutely have to be mine. And two of those are in my opinion among the most beautiful things that Rowan has ever produced........

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Kate said...

Ooh, you have a Smart car! I'd love one of those. Aside from the fact that they probably aren't the best car for fitting two growing boys in the back. Oh and the small matter of not actually being able to drive...

Looking forward to the new Rowan magazine. Not joining the Rowan International again, I'm afraid, but will still buy the magazine. It's almost like a sign that winter is on the way when it arrives. :-P