Friday, 11 July 2008

And now, photos!

Finally Blogger has decided to co-operate!

Here is the Lacy Raglan Top, looking very unprepossessing.

This picture doesn't do it justice at all, it is surprisingly flattering to wear. The neckline works beautifully and is bra-friendly - I had worried that it might be too wide, but no, all is well. The shaping at the sides (which completely doesn't show here) makes it look as though I have more of a waist than is actually the case. And it is comfortable to wear. Just the thing for work, when it is July, the air conditioning isn't working, and you have to wear a Rowan handknit.

Here's the raglan detail. A very easy knit, and a very useful garment. I might make another one next year, in a different colour.

Lenore socks.

These took far, far too long. Not sure why, other than the fact that I have been knitting pullovers all the time. Nice yarn - Blue Moon Socks That Rock lightweight, nice colour, although not one I would choose, and nice pattern. Don't know that I'll be making another pair, though.

And finally, Bark.

Gorgeous, gorgeous thing. Lovely and thick and soft, wonderfully wrappy. I haven't crocheted anything sizeable for far too long, and this is a nice easy project with which to ease back into it again.

On the needles at the moment, the Slouchy Cover-up. Here is the state of play this morning - ie with most of the back done - and which I have actually finished a few minutes ago.

Not sure if I will get the front cast on this evening, I am making display flags. Lovely fun!


Martelle said...

Thanks for the photos and glad to see that you are back after your holiday. I'll be interested in the display flags too; I'd like to make some for my children's rooms. Probably not all in yummy Rowan though.

Queen of the froggers said...

I really like the raglan top, which pattern is that from? Its great to see all your knits.