Sunday, 1 June 2008

So near....

Cobblestone is very nearly finished. But things keep happening that prevent me from knitting - you know how it goes.

For instance, on Friday I had plans for a pleasant evening finishing it off and starting something else - instead, whilst I was unpacking the supermarket shopping, I managed to drop a bag that had a bottle of Tamari in it. This meant that I then spent a quite disproportionate amount of time cleaning gluten-free soy sauce off what seemed like every surface in the kitchen. Not quite what I had planned. Saturday was a work day of course, and I did knit a little bit in the evening, but not much. And today has mostly been spent in the garden, which has been increasingly resembling a hayfield, only with extra-large thistles and buttercups.

This evening, however, I might actually get to sit down and knit. There is just the neckline left, really - and then that will be the ninth sweater finished this year.

And now, photos of grey knitting. Here are the short rows - specifically, the Japanese short rows which I used for the set of short rows near the neckline.

You can see them, yes - short rows in garter stitch are always going to be visible, after all - there is always going to be a garter ridge that stops. But there are no holes. Not even a hint of a gap. (By the way, the garter ridges that look crinkled are looking like that because that is just above a decrease round, nothing to do with the short rows.)

Anyway, I am a convert. Forget wraps, forget reverse yarnovers - well, maybe not for socks, maybe keep reverse yarnovers for socks - but other than that, Japanese short rows are the way to go. There is an excellent tutorial here - and yes, I used the pin trick, using my favourite stitch markers like little plastic safety pins.

The only thing that is different with short rows in the round is, of course, that on one set of short rows (pictured above) the turning gap is approached from the other side. Usually you meet the last stitch of the short row, then there is a gap, then the rest of the knitting. In this case it's the other way round. So I slip the last stitch before the gap purlwise, pull the pin and place the pin's loop on the left hand needle, slip that last stitch back onto the left hand needle, and work it together with the pin's loop. Works beautifully.

And when this pullover is finished, I shall start something else. I know I've got Cookie on the needles already, plus a few other things. But I really want to make this, it has pretty colours, and stripes, and it will be really useful to wear to work - and I think its going to be lovely.

This is Rowan's Bamboo Tape, and I am going to make Dodge with these colours. Here is Dodge, as it is shown in Rowan 43.....

The storm grey and the deep cream colour (Wafer) are going to replace the black and the white. The mid-blue (Wode) is going to replace the red, and the pale turquoise is going to replace the golden yellow. The beige (which looks pink here, but isn't IRL) is going to replace the dark blue. I think it is going to be lovely, and I cannot wait to cast on.

And I've got another idea, as well. There is a neat little short boxy cardigan called Brighton in Rowan Classic's Colour of Summer brochure. It is illustrated in RYC Cashcotton DK, and worked in three colours. But it would look lovely in a single colour, too, particularly in a yarn with some sheen to it, so that the garter stitch edgings stand out nicely. And I have some Silk Wool (Clay 305, a gorgeous soft silver grey) in the stash that's been waiting for the right project to come along. Good idea, yes?


The binge knitter said...

Your short rows look great. Yes, you can see them, but it also looks like it was meant to be the way they turned out. That tutorial was on my list of things to learn for ages.

Queen of the froggers said...

Thank you for the link to the japanese short rows. I like grey so your knitting looks good!