Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I am not going to have the grandad top finished in time to take to Holmfirth.

I'm still partway up the front, that's all. The waist shaping is done, and I'm on the straight bit up to the neck opening. But I know that I just won't have enough knitting time to finish the front, seam the shoulders and work the neck border, knit the second sleeve, and do the rest of the finishing. Not if I am being realistic. I've only got three more days, and two of those are work days. And I do need to sleep.

Also, I do need to do some crochet for a class that I am teaching on Saturday, as well. I'm starting to reach the point where I've got samples knitted (or crocheted) up already for most of the classes, but I keep thinking of things that I am sure people would be interested in, and I put them on the store timetable. Then, of course, I actually have to put together some handouts and some samples and get my ideas together of how the class is going to go. So, this cuts into my knitting time.

I could have been further along than I am, though. This morning we went to Frome, to take Lucy to the groomer's to be made beautiful. This is a drive of a good half an hour each way, and I did take my knitting with me, as I like to knit whilst I am a car passenger. What I forgot to take, however, was more yarn. I discovered this about five minutes after we had left the house when I came to the end of the ball. So, at least an hour of good knitting time spent doing absolutely nothing at all.....

This was frustrating. However, something nice made up for this, at least partially.

Whilst we were in Frome we looked into the Cheese & Grain Hall, where there was an Antiques and Collectables Fair - and I found, amongst a stack of bric-a-brac, a nice copy of Alice Starmore's The Celtic Collection.

£3.50. Bargain.

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