Wednesday, 7 May 2008


It has been an absolutely perfect day today. Beautiful sunshine, with a gentle cooling breeze, and the cuckoo shouting his head off somewhere nearby.

Everything seems to suddenly be coming back to life and leaving winter behind. The chestnuts are covered with candles, the hedges are full of Queen Anne's Lace, and the sunflower seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago are showing strong little green shoots. The grass needs mowing as well, but that can wait til the weekend.

I've been sitting outside and knitting this evening. I'm just coming up to the armhole level on the first sleeve, and I've also just come to the end of the fifth ball of Wool Cotton. If I can finish this sleeve with no more than another half a ball of yarn, then I will not need any more yarn, I think. So, I finish the sleeve, weigh the remains of the sixth ball of yarn, then I'll know.

Picture soon, I promise. Right now, I'm too busy knitting.

In the meantime - have you seen this? I want one. In Violet, I think. Or possibly Moonstone.....

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