Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday afternoon

I've been sidetracked yet again. Instead of sticking with the big black pullover, I'm now working on a big white pullover.

I'm about eight inches into the back of the Grandad Top from Rowan Studio 5, and I'm working in the shade illustrated, Antique 900 if memory serves. It is a pale cream, I suppose best described as ivory. And this is Rowan's Wool Cotton, of course - one of my favourite yarns.

It is going to be roomy, intentionally so - I am making the largest size(UK 18), with a bit of adjustment to the shoulder line so that I won't be too swamped by it. And it is going quickly. The big black pullover, all three inches of it, has been put aside. I'll get back to it, and when I do, I will use lifelines - and plenty of them.

For the big white pullover, I'm currently wondering if I'll have enough yarn, as always. I've only got 11 balls of the Wool Cotton - I really cannot remember what inspired me to get such a daft number. The pattern says 12 for this size. However I will be shortening the sleeves by an inch - an 18" sleeve will do very well for me, 19" may be fashionably long but I prefer not to have my sleeves getting in the way. And I think I will probably also shorten the body by half an inch. I think that 24" in length should be fine.

At the moment it is too soon to tell how the yarn is going. The first ball lasted for 14 cm of the back. But some of that was cabled fancy ribbing over an increased number of stitches, so I'd expect the second ball to probably get me as far as 30 cm from the start. I could start speculating further, but it isn't really worthwhile. If I need an extra ball, I'll get one, and hide the dye lot difference by working alternate pairs of rows on the second sleeve, I expect

Less talk, more knitting, I think.

And having said that, I shall now contradict myself by talking about the new Kim Hargreaves book.

I can see two designs in the book on my needles in the not too far distant future - the cover design Lagoon, an openwork tunic in Rowan's Handknit Cotton (in Linen, I think) - and Sunlit, a cabled tunic with a deep garter stitch yoke, in Rowan's Purelife Cotton.

I like plenty of the rest, as well. There is Honey, a gorgeous fitted jacket in All Season's Cotton with beautiful cabling; the eponymous Nectar, a drapy tshirt in Bamboo Soft; and also Dapple, a stunning tunic in All Season's Cotton, again with a deep garter stitch neckline, and also some nice straightforward cabling.

And that's not even mentioning the Kidsilk Haze cardigan.....

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Anonymous said...

Hm....I wish you were my sister, I would like limitless access to your wardrobe! Fran