Friday, 2 May 2008

Slow progress

You may not be surprised to hear that there has been both frogging and frustration here.

Fisherman's Rib makes a lovely fabric. It is deep and soft and squishy, thick and light and drapy, all at the same time - and worked in Rowan Calmer it is truly wonderful. And this sweater is going to be really gorgeous, if I ever get it finished.

First thing to take on board - this stitch makes a fabric that grows really slowly. I'm talking 12 rows to the inch, in a yarn that works up as a DK. Thats more rows to the inch than if I was working stocking stitch with a four ply cotton. Twelve rows = one inch, in a DK yarn. I still can't quite believe it.

Second thing - I cannot work this stitch quickly. I have to look down at what I'm doing, at least every other stitch, and that slows me down. I like knitting fast, and I cannot get any speed going with this stitch. If I don't keep an eye on my work, then the law of averages decrees that eventually that I will drop a stitch.

Third thing - it is nearly impossible to pick up a dropped stitch. Really. This applies particularly if the yarn is black, and the lighting is not brilliant, and the knitter is tired.

All of these things applied yesterday evening, and that's when the frustration happened, soon followed by the frogging. Honestly, the more I tried, the further the wretched dropped stitch went. It did not just sit there waiting to be picked up, it ran away, just like it never does usually. I caught it with a crochet hook in the end, and started trying to reconstruct the ten or so rows necessary. And, reader - I failed.

Back to square one, as they say.

I have just a suspicion that this pullover won't be ready in time for me to wear it at Holmfirth.


Queen of the froggers said...

Thats a pain about the frogging. I would have given up at that point too!

Anonymous said...

I have never got on with F.Rib either....I started a little sweater (Kid's Knits, a la Debbie Bliss) circa 1982, for my daughter, who is now 27, and still it lies unfinished in the stash cupboard....I too will frog, maybe today, I like progress, and I don't think my progress is even measureable in this case! (Oh, and I don't do black or even navy anymore....even with my old lady varifocals I can't see it well enough in electric light!) Guess it comes to us all?! Best of luck!