Saturday, 17 May 2008


Well, nearly ready. I just have to pack.

And it is looking increasingly likely that the Grandad Top will be coming with me after all. Yesterday evening I did actually manage to get most of the second sleeve done. At the moment it is part way through the sleeve cap, and I'm sure I can finish that this evening. Then all I have to do is set the sleeve in - the first one is already in - and if I don't have time for the side seams and sleeve seams this evening then I can do those on the train with no problem at all. Today I found the perfect buttons, and I'll stitch those on this evening.

And then I will be able to wear it!

So, three Rowan handknits will be coming with me, and for three days (two of which involve a long train journey) that sounds entirely appropriate. The Grandad Top, the Garter Rib Pullover from Classic Knits for Real Women (what other sort of women are there, I wonder?) and lastly, Mine, despite that fact that it seems to have turned into winter again round here. Because there is a dinner on Sunday evening for which I need something nice to wear, and Mine will do nicely for that with some smart black trousers and a grey cashmere mix tshirt underneath.

So, tomorrow morning we are leaving unpleasantly early in order to drive into the centre of Bristol so that I can catch the train. With luck, I will be at Holmfirth after lunch tomorrow, and I'll be getting back rather late on Tuesday evening.

Really looking forward to this, now!

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Martelle said...

Hope that you have a great time in Holmfirth. At least any delays will result in more knitting time. Just read that you found a Starmore book for only £3.50!! I dream of wandering into a bookshop and finding a sensibly priced Starmore book. Lucky you!