Monday, 5 May 2008

Monday afternoon

I've finished the back of the Grandad Top. I decided not to shorten it in the end. The back took 3 balls of the Wool Cotton, plus about 30 grams of the fourth ball.

I've started a sleeve this afternoon. If I can get the sleeve out of the remains of the fourth ball plus no more than one and a half more, then I won't need to buy more yarn. Probably.

I do like this fancy cabled ribbing. I'm working it without a cable needle, of course - no need at all for that, and much faster too. Once again, something that I wish I'd been brave enough to try years ago. I see no reason why this very useful technique shouldn't be pretty much standard usage, and I am offering it at my Cables sessions for those who want to try it.

Wool Cotton is such nice yarn to work with. It's a while since I've made anything much with it - I think the last was Caddy's Pullover, from Sally Melville's excellent book The Knit Stitch. It has all the best attributes of both wool and cotton, with no disadvantages at all. It's even machine washable.

I have enough Wool Cotton in the stash to make Cromarty, and I haven't forgotten about that. I just need more knitting time..... I'll get to it in the end.

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Queen of the froggers said...

Wool cotton os great, I have only used it once but loved the feel of knitting with it.