Friday, 16 May 2008


I've gone from being quite ridiculously excited to being slightly nervous about Holmfirth. Partly it is the long journey, it will take me something like 7 hours in all, including two changes. I'm just hoping that it all fits together and I do actually get there, and don't end up stranded somewhere. The trains on Sundays are not so good these days. And partly it is - well, I don't really know. I think it may just be that things are very busy at work at the moment - the whole department is relocating within the store next week.

But I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone. Also, I have absolutely no idea what we are all going to be doing for three days.

I've seamed the shoulders on the Grandad Top, and worked the neckline - some careful finishing needed there, where the side of the neck edging is stitched to the edge of the front opening. I'm rather pleased with the result. One sleeve is finished and set in, and the second sleeve is on the needles, just. I've been busy today sorting out some crochet for my class tomorrow, but this evening I can relax and knit. If I can get the sleeve finished over this evening and tomorrow (not totally impossible) then I can finish the seaming on the train.

Oh, and I need buttons. I'll buy some tomorrow in store.

I do just need to pack. And make sure that I take enough knitting!

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