Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday morning

I shall need more yarn, I think - but not very much. The sleeve took almost exactly 2 balls of yarn, so that means that I'm a little past the halfway point now.

Here's the back, looking rather unexciting.

You can just see my sunflower seedlings in the background there. I don't know why these are flourishing so nicely, and the ones in the other trough seem to have completely disappeared. Maybe something is eating them. At the moment, Lucy is the main suspect.

Anyway, here is the front.

You can see the nice little mini-cables, which are very easy to work.

I've been looking thoughtfully at my spare ball of yarn, which is from a different dyelot. Not surprisingly, it does look to be a fractionally different shade, so I think that I will use it for the ribbing on the second sleeve, and then alternate pairs of rows on that sleeve, if it seems necessary. Just using it for the ribbing may be enough.

I am just wondering whether the dyelot difference shows more or less on screen than it does in real life......

Yes, it does show, to much the same extent. The one on the right is a slightly brighter off-white, the one on the left - the odd ball - is more of a cream colour....

Oh well, never mind. I dare say it will be alright.

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