Thursday, 1 May 2008


I finished this yesterday evening. There is a fair amount of fabric in that collar, and it takes longer than expected because it is worked in the round, purl all the way.

This morning, a couple of photographs outside - although the sun isn't exactly shining, and the wind keeps trying to blow it off the fence.

I am rather pleased with this. It is flattering to wear - the collar works very well, and the waist shaping at the sides is just right.

To summarise then - this is Clovelly, from Rowan Classic's Coast brochure. I made it in Rowan Classic Cotton Jeans, shade 360 Canvas, and it took 17 balls of yarn, exactly as the pattern says. This is size 16 - (UK sizing, of course.)

And - finally! - I am going to wear it to work today.

I've cast on for Tender, by the way. I'd somehow managed to forget just how slowly fisherman's rib grows. At least it's faster than working in 4 ply.....


Anonymous said...

That's lovely, well done for keeping at it! Could you have knitted the nect from the inside, thus going round and round in knit? Or is that my wonky logic/brain talking? Fran

Fiona said...

Thankyou! I could indeed have knitting the neck from the inside, going round and round in knit - but that would have meant a visible jog where I had to turn the work. The picking up stitches is (as usual) done on the right side of the garment, and following on from that in the same direction means purl, for a collar with a turn..... ;)