Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I didn't get Clovelly finished for work yesterday..... just too much knitting. But I will get it finished today.

I now have my usual dilemma - what to make next? I had intended it to be Truffle, and that's still a strong contender. But some yarn that I've been waiting for has finally arrived, and I could also start Scree - or Stripes Galore.

Or Tender, from the Calmer Collection - I think this may be what I go for. I can't find a picture of this - it is a Kim Hargreaves pattern for a roomy pullover in fisherman's rib, and I will be making it in black. It will be wide and loose. The pattern has long wide sleeves with foldback cuffs - I'll be changing this. Wide sleeves that are the right length, thankyou very much, and with no foldback cuffs to fall down and get in the way, I think. And the pattern also has a cowl neckline - I'll see what I think about this a bit nearer the time, I think that I will probably change this to a loose funnel neckline.

It isn't the most exciting pattern in the world, but it will be really useful to wear. It is easy to go for things that are exciting to knit, but wearing the finished garments is what it's all about, right now.

Picture of Clovelly later, with luck. And after that, for some days it will be miles of ribbing in black, for Tender.

Except that I do have a slight distraction. The yarn has arrived for something that I shall also be starting later today. Just a small project, but I really want to see how it works up. More later.

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