Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Mine is continuing.

Nearly up to the armhole shaping now - just about 10 or 12 rows still to go. That's the side edge, of course, so you can see how much of a trapeze shape this top has - it is a lot wider at the hem than at the underarm. That tape measure is lying on a vertical line.

I'm wondering whether to add a little to the length. Sizes 14 and 16 are both just 21 1/2" long, according to the pattern - I'm making size 14 here. The sides will hang down longer of course, in a nice drape. But even so, maybe another couple of centimetres would be a good idea? I'll see. I don't have to decide just yet. This yarn has a reputation for making garments that grow in length when worn, so maybe I won't need to change anything anyway. Also, I think that it would be a good idea for me to measure some tops that I have in the wardrobe already, to see if I think this length will work for me.

That's the end of the third skein there, and I think that will see me up to the armhole shaping. I think that the neckband and armhole borders will use the whole of one skein, and I've got 10 skeins in total. So I don't think that I'll have any problems if I do decide to add a little bit of length.

The beads are not knitted in, by the way, they are stitched on afterwards - I think this is sensible and Bamboo Tape is rather too wide for bead threading. The grey pearly ones are Swarovski Crystal Pearls, from Creative Beadcraft - and they are really, really lovely. I've got some silver lined glass beads from the same place, which I may use - but I think they may be a little large. I've also got some Rowan silver lined beads as well, which I think I will probably go with.

I'm still thinking about Ghost. Currently I'm leaning towards Elegance and Jacob. I love the greys in the picture, but I will have Spook in Anthracite, and Birch in Smoke.... so maybe a different neutral would be good. And I love the bronzy colour of Elegance, and the soft dusty brown of Jacob - I think the combination of the two would be beautiful. I could wear it with black, I could wear it with jeans, I could wear it with beige linen.

Also, I'm getting more and more keen on another Birch, in Jelly. Have no idea what I would wear it with, though - I just love this colour. Do I dare...?

But Spook will be next. I'm still waiting for some colours of Cotton Glace to make Kaffe Stripe and Stripes Galore, so I can't start either of those yet. So, Spook is next in line.


Heather said...

Mine is looking lovely - beautiful beads too, particularly the pearls.

Jelly is certainly a striking colour! I think if you love it then go for it :-) I'm sure you will find something to wear with it, perhaps a dark khaki green?.

Queen of the froggers said...

Birch in Jelly would be gorgeous, I love that colour!