Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thursday morning

Mine is coming along nicely.

Considering the length, I measured a favourite top yesterday - one which is wide and drapy - and discovered that it was only 22" from the top of the shoulder to the hem. Mine, according to the pattern, is 21 1/2" in length for a size 14, so I just added another half an inch to the straight section before the armhole shaping, and now this should be just about perfect.

The sides of this are going to fall in lovely folds and hang down in a point, I do like this look. The armholes do seem a little odd at the moment, but the armhole borders are going to be quite wide, so that will return things to normality. Incredibly drapy fabric here, almost liquid in one's hands. Gorgeous, really.

That's the fourth skein in the picture. I think I may actually have yarn left over from this project, which is reassuring, because that's much more normal for me.

I should finish the back this evening, I have less than ten rows to go before I start the back neck shaping. So this time tomorrow, work should be underway on the front.

Today the Kaffe Fassett sock in earth tones is coming to work with me. This sock was used to demonstrate a heel turn in my recent sock classes. I haven't got any more timetabled just yet, so this is now my travel knitting. I don't often have time to actually sit and knit at work, but today we're trying something new - a drop-in knitting clinic - for a couple of hours this evening, with no booking required.

So the likelihood is that either I will be inundated with a dozen people all turning up at once, or else nobody will turn up at all. So I may - or may not - get some knitting done myself. We shall see.

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