Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday morning

I still haven't finished Mine, mainly because it's actually quite difficult finding the time to work on this. I've finished beading the neckline, and I'm just about halfway around the first armhole at the moment. Yes, that's all I've done.

You see, I usually work on my knitting in the evening rather than during the day - there are other things happening during the day, of course, such as work, and life in general. Except that with this project, working with the fine clear nylon monofilament requires good light, and not just a project lamp either - daylight. So I sit at the table in the conservatory, which is one of my favourite places anyway, and the light is about as good as it could possibly get. But not in the evening, of course.

Now, however, I have two clear days ahead of me. Barring unexpected visitors (which is what happened last weekend, a lovely surprise actually) I should get plenty of work done on this. I'm not going to say that I'll get it finished, although it should be possible. I'll just say - we'll see.

It is beautiful though. The other day I took it in to work, as one of my colleagues has a lot of experience with beading, and there was general approval of my method and also of the way it was looking.

I must say that I'm rather pleased with it myself. If I could take arty photos with any degree of success, I'd be taking them. It is a wonderful combination - the subtle sheen of the Bamboo Tape, and the beautiful heavy liquid drape of it. Add the weight and texture of the grey crystal pearls, and the silver lined clear glass beads.... I'm looking forward to wearing this, with black linen trousers and a plain tshirt, I think.

Just to recap, as people have asked - this is Mine, from Rowan 43, the current issue. I've been working with Rowan Bamboo Tape, and the colour is 716 Storm. The pearls are from Creative Beadcraft - they are the 8mm Crystal Pearls from Swarovski, and the colour is dark grey - 6. The clear silver lined beads are from Rowan, it says J3001008 on the label.

I'm attaching the beads using fine clear nylon monofilament sold by John Lewis (you'll find it in the beading section of the haberdashery department) in little packs which contain 5 metres of the stuff (3 packs will be enough) although in retrospect there is a huge choice of threads on at Creative Beadcraft, and I can't think why I didn't look there in the first place. Except that I do know, its because I still don't know what things like Fireline actually are.

In effect, I'm working back stitch, and threading a single bead onto the top loop of each stitch. I'm placing an overhand knot around a loop at the back of the work after every fourth bead, and I'm securing the ends of the monofilament with a good knot and a little dot of superglue.

And now I must exercise some willpower and haul myself away from the Creative Beadcraft site - so many pretty things there - because I want this finished and wearable - and soon!

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Anonymous said...

It's looking great. Isn't it amazing that the finishing often takes an inordinate amount of time compared to the whole work? I wonder, if you made this sweater again, would you do it differently (as regards the bead attaching)? Would it have been possible to carry a second fine yarn, with the beads threaded on it, for just the beaded rows?
Barbara in CA