Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nobody expects.....

Have you read this?

The bit where Wendy mentions someone who was sure that she (Wendy) seemed to be knitting Alba, not Lismore? That 'someone' would be me.

You see, in my copy of the Celtic Collection, there is a pattern called Alba, which has a whole series of pictures with it. This is the pullover that Wendy is knitting.

And there is a pattern called Lismore, with another whole series of pictures. This is not the one that Wendy is knitting. I remembered it, because it had crossed my mind that this would be lovely made up with some solid natural grey Kauni, and some Kauni EN, the grey/cream/beige colourway.

So, who is right? Wendy is. Definitely. Look at this. That is what Wendy is knitting, that is Lismore, and my book is wrong.

My copy of the Celtic Collection has the photos for these two designs transposed. This is what is labelled Lismore in my book.

Not what one expects.....

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I have the same book as you, and I think there is a typed note in it to say the phots aren't right! I bought it secondhand on ebay, so I may be remembering somethings from the seller's details...will check! VERY lovely sweaters by-the-way! Fran