Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday morning

Where on earth did last week disappear to? Five days since I last posted. One of those instances when life in general just takes up time. But I have at least been knitting, and Clovelly is coming along nicely.

I finished the back the other day, and here is where I am at the moment. This is a sleeve - the second, actually.

Here is the first one.

There was much racking of brains about how to work the cuffs on these sleeves. I was not too enamoured of the 2x2 ribbing on the original, particularly in combination with the half- cable twists at the top, and the row of eyelets. I think you can just about see this in the original here. Or maybe not so much. Anyway, there is three by three ribbing along the lower edge of the body, and garter ridges around the edge of the cowl neck, so quite a lot of different finishes. I definitely didn't want the eyelets and the twists. But I did like the idea of a bell sleeve, and I did like the three by three ribbing. So, what to do?

I did consider a good length of three by three ribbing, and just omitting the half-cables and the eyelets. But in the end I went with a rather smaller cast on number, and a short three by three rib, exactly the same as the body. When in doubt, the simplest option is often the best, I think. And the result is what you can see here.

The only problem with working from stash yarn is that it would be next to impossible to match the dyelot, if I ran out. But I think all should be ok here. The pattern says 17 for the size I am making. I had 17 to start with, and I've got eight left. So I think that will be alright.

I've been wearing Mine to work, by the way, and I'm still really pleased with it - and yes, extremely proud of it as well. I haven't noticed it dropping in wear, and none of the beads have come off - and I've stopped worrying about this happening. Really, those beads shouldn't be going anywhere. The nylon monofilament is strong stuff, although I do keep getting told horror stories about superglue disappearing in the wash, which I must admit does sound a little surprising and hard to believe.

But anyway, when I wash this - I'm wearing it over a tshirt all the time - when I wash it, it will be by hand and with extreme care. The beads don't seem to get in the way at all when I'm wearing it, which is perhaps surprising. Even the ones around the armhole don't bother me - I think it is because the armholes are quite deep, and the weight of the beads makes them drape down even further. And the ones around the neckline - well, I've said it before - it feels like putting on a beautiful heavy necklace.

Regarding other things, still knitting related, though - I have something nice to look forward to, at the moment. In about a month, I'm going up to Holmfirth for a few days.

I don't think you will be surprised to hear that I am quite ridiculously excited about this.


Heather said...

I wouldn't worry about the superglue disolving in the wash. I used to superglue bits of our old dishwasher back together, and they would last about a month before I needed to re-glue, washing every day at a temperature much higher than anything you are going to wash Mine at!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Holmfirth... can I come?
Fran x