Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday morning - and some beading advice wanted, please?

I've finished the front of Mine.

Here it is looking very short and wide and strangely pointy at the sides - well, it is short and wide. And pointy too. Currently I am working the neckband, and later today I will get the armhole borders done.

Then comes the big decision - how to stitch the beads in place. I have a strong suspicion that the 4 ply cotton just isn't going to go through the holes in the grey crystal glass pearls, unfortunately. So, what to use instead?

I have some nylon thread sold for beading and jewellery making - it looks like fine clear nylon fishing line. I'm not too sure about how well that will knot, though. I do want to secure each bead individually - the thought of the thread breaking at some point and the whole lot just dropping off the garment is not a good thought. So, a knot behind each bead, I think. Will the nylon behave when it is knotted, or will it want to come undone? It's the ends that matter, of course. And just how strong is it? Is it even suitable for something like this - glass pearls? I don't have any feel for this, so I am a bit at a loss here, although I suspect this may be my best option. Maybe.

Or I have some very old (but strong) quite heavy cotton thread that my grandfather used to use for the rigging when he was making model ships in bottles - I think it was originally sold for shoemaking. That certainly looks like it would do the job, and it was certainly very strong to start with, but it is rather old. Probably about 50 years old, so maybe not...

Or there is some ordinary Gutermann polyester sewing thread. I'd use it double, at least. Again, I have my doubts. Maybe the edges of the glass pearls will tend to cut it? I'd use silk thread if I had any - the sort of thing you usually use for stringing pearls or semi-precious stones, but I haven't got any.

I'd really appreciate some advice here, if anyone can help?


Queen of the froggers said...

I was going to suggest the invisble thread that you mentioned. I think that it will be the strongest and look the best even if it is going to be a long job!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use just 1 or 2 plies of the yarn you are knitting with?
(BTW - still having fun with the spinning!!)

Fiona said...

So the nylon monofilament may be the front runner at the moment!

Lisa - I can't use the bamboo tape, it isn't a plied yarn at all, it actually is a tape. Sort of a flat knitted tube - no possibility of it going thru the pearls, unfortunately. Glad the spinning is going well! :)

Anonymous said...

Of course, duh!!