Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The good and the bad

I've got a new favourite blog on my reading list. Whoopee. Go and read it - this is excellent stuff. I don't add a new blog lightly, but this one is there to stay.

That's the good bit.

More of the good bit is that I have discovered something that I haven't seen since childhood - or only very occasionally - and it is a real pleasure.


Don't laugh. I remember seeing whole banks of cowslips forty years ago - and then over the years they became more and more uncommon, until it was rare even to see one, all by itself.

Things are different here in the West Country.

I first noticed a bank of cowslips about a week ago, as I was stopped at a roundabout on the way to work. I was amazed. I could hardly believe what I was seeing - but there they were.

And now I am seeing them even more. I've spotted them in at least four other places. Not just one or two - but whole banks of them. Beautiful golden bells, soft and delicate - I remember them so clearly from when I was a child. These are at the side of a busy road, so I can't stop and touch, or smell - but I remember. And they brighten my day.

The bad?

Someone stole my glasses today. It couldn't have been a mistake, it had to have been deliberate. They weren't anything special, apart from the fact that I needed them, and they were just right for me. They were on my table at work, lying across their case, which was open. Someone folded up my glasses, put them in the case, closed the case, picked it up and walked away. And they took my pen as well.

I know, its only a pair of glasses. But it feels like an invasion. I've never had anything stolen before, and it really isn't nice at all.

I think I need to go and do some nice therapeutic knitting. With wine. And quite possibly chocolate as well.

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Queen of the froggers said...

cowslips are so pretty, they remind me of childhood walks. Sorry about your glasses :(