Friday, 25 April 2008


Clovelly is past the waist shaping now, nearly up to the point where I divide for the neckline. I didn't get very much done yesterday, not at all - and today, although I'd like to be working on this, I think it will have to take a back seat.

The reason for this is that tomorrow I'm teaching a session on different cast-ons and cast-offs, and I really do need to work some swatches so that I can show people what I'm talking about. It's all very well saying, the cable cast-on produces a firm edge, the long-tailed cast-on has more stretch - but it is a lot better if people can see for themselves.

So today, lots of little squares, instead of my jumper. But it only needs doing once, after all. Next time that I teach this session, the preparation will be already done. And I need to write some handout sheets, as well. Mustn't forget those.....

Kim Hargreaves new book is out, by the way. It's called Nectar, and it looks very, very good!

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