Friday, 7 March 2008

The weightloss problem

So, I have a problem. Since I've gone gluten-free just over six weeks ago, I've been losing weight without actually trying to - and this morning I reached something of a landmark point, and it has made me stop and think.

I've lost a stone. No cheating, a full stone. (That's fourteen pounds to those reading this who don't use such antiquated units.) And yes, my clothes feel a bit looser and more comfortable. Also yes, it shows in my face already. Just a bit, but I can see it and I know I'm not kidding myself about it.

Most people who've had a problem with gluten actually gain weight when they start eating gluten-free, but there is definitely a sub-group who lose weight instead, and that seems to include me. It isn't because I'm eating low-carb, either, because really I'm not.

My problem is not the weightloss itself. I need to lose this weight - in fact I've been trying to lose it for years! - I will be healthier without it, and my BMI has a way to go yet before it reaches a point where I will be at a 'good' weight. And it isn't going too fast either, a couple of pounds a week. So that's all fine.

But - if I carry on losing weight like this, then soon my clothes aren't going to fit. I'm not talking about stuff that doesn't matter here, I'm talking about my handknits. Things with time and effort and care and love invested in them, things that I'm making at the moment, things that I'm planning to make.

If I get back to my 'right weight' - where I haven't been for more than twenty years - then I will be a nice standard UK size 12. Although I'd really like this to happen- it would be so good! - it is just so hard for me to believe that it is even possible. I've been trying to lose this weight for years, quite literally. And here it is going without any effort at all. So maybe it is possible. But will it really continue? Will it stall after a couple more pounds? Will it start to go back on again?

So what size do I make now, with my handknits? Do I stick with what fits me right now? Do I tempt fate and make a size 12 - 14?

It is a problem, you see...........


Gwen said...

I have found your blog a few days ago. Lovely knitting. And congrats on your weight loss.

My first thought is that it might be best to stick to socks and scarves and hats whilst you're still trying to lose! :-)

It's something of a golden rule for brides never to buy a dress aiming to slim into it. So I guess the same thing should apply here. Obviously it depends on the amount you still have to lose. If you are talking about half a stone I would say go for it and knit the smaller size, it will spur you on. If you are talking about more then 10 or 15 pounds, I think that'd be a bit risky. The first pounds are the easiest which is good because it is so encouraging. But you might find yourself hitting a plateau at some point. Don't give up if this happens! It is very normal for the loss to stall for a while and then start again after a few weeks. You will get there though! But I would say, don't set deadlines by knitting things you want to wear soon in smaller sizes.

It would be very sad not to wear your hand knits any more but just think of the excuses you would have to knit a whole new wardrobe for yourself! Plus, on a slightly more serious note, the health benefits are well worth it.

So, to return to my first thought, I definitely think socks and lace shawls are the way to go :-)

Nevisknitter said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, maybe you should knit some things that look great fitted now but will look good worn a bit baggier too, or cardies, you can wear them open now and fastened up later.
I am losing weight too, have a lot to lose and facing the same dilemma, but figure that if i knit a cardi and wear it lots, I should have got my moneys worth from it.

One bonus about smaller sizes, less yarn so less cost

picperfic said...

how I wish I could lose weight...I am getting married soon and I can't loose an ounce, not for the lack of trying mind you, it's all the socialising we're doing in the lead up! If I were you, I'd knit the 12-14 sizes for now, make something quite time consuming too, that way, you'll get to know where your weight is heading..oh and there is always socks!

Queen of the froggers said...

I have this dilemma too, although I actually never lose any weight, I just think I am going too!!! I say knit for the size you are now. When you are slimmer you can unravel the knits and make something new! Saves money too!

Martelle said...

Glad to hear that you are losing weight that you've wanted to lose for a while. I'd go for the sock/shawl route too, or maybe something for your DH or other family? It's a nice dilemma to have I suppose! Could you do some more sample type knitting for work possibly? I'm sure that you'll manage to find something gorgeous to knit though.

Mad about Craft said...

I eat a wheat free diet and I am convinced that helps me to maintain my current weight. I lost a stone and half 5-6 years ago, went wheat free 3-4 years ago and I have not gained back that stone and a half