Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wednesday, and a new bag

Still here, still knitting, albeit slowly. I finished the back of Chevy yesterday evening, and started the front this morning. No picture - I haven't done much yet.

But look what arrived this morning.

I have a new and beautiful knitting bag. For a while now I've been using one of the original Jordana Paige bags, but mine has just about reached the end of its useful life, because the straps are going. Ok, I could replace them, and I was vaguely thinking of doing so - but then I saw this bag, you see, and that was that the end of that idea.

This is an Amy Butler Sweet Life knitting bag. The style is called Nolita, and this is the dark green colourway. I got mine from Rowan, and I love it to bits. This is a sensible, good quality, well designed bag - and it looks really good, too.

And look, it has pockets - good big pockets. And lots and lots of room. And straps the right length for carrying over your shoulder. And these gorgeous prints.

It is entirely possible that I may spend the rest of the morning simply admiring this, you know.


Kai said...

I don't blame you for just sitting there and admiring it. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous bag!

Bearium said...

ooh nice bag!

Queen of the froggers said...

That is gorgeous, lucky you!

Lothlorian said...

wow! no wonder thats LUSH