Sunday, 23 March 2008

Sunday afternoon

Another nice knitting-filled weekend. I finished the crochet scarf on Friday evening, together with a stack of granny squares and a couple of hexagons for my last class. I'm rather pleased with the scarf.

I love this mix of neutrals. Brights have their place, too, of course. But this is rather good, and it is a colour combination that isn't going to date.

Three balls of Rowan Tapestry, if you're interested - and a 6mm crochet hook. This colour is 175 Moorland.

I shall do my very best to get the Wrap Waistcoat finished this weekend, as well. I want to be wearing it on Tuesday.

Then, I need to cast on for a pair of socks, despite the fact that I still haven't finished Lenore. This is because I'm teaching a sock class on Saturday, and I want to be able to demonstrate a heel turn.

For myself - I think that when the Wrap Waistcoat is finished (and when I've reached the heel turn on the first sock) I shall cast on for Mine.

I still haven't decided which size to make. The weight is still drifting slowly down - very slowly actually, but enough to give me encouragement that there is still more to go. Although I've been consuming so much cough linctus and lozenges over the last few weeks - I hate to think of how much sugar that must have been. I'm wondering if the rate of weight loss will increase again, now that things are getting back to normal.

But in the meantime, I need to make things that I can wear right now, and that will still fit me if I lose more weight. I have enough yarn for either size 14 or 16 - to fit bust 38" or 40". The actual measurement at underarm level is 39" and 41" respectively - and as this is made in Bamboo Tape, I am prepared for it to be fairly heavy and very drapy, with a degree of 'drop' to it, in wear. To fit right now - well, normally I'd go for the size 16 like a shot, as 41" would give me just about zero ease - but it does have a wide neckline and I'm wondering if the straps will want to fall off my shoulders.

The styling is good for me, though - the outline is A-line. With the size 14, the lower hem measures 53" around, and with the size 16 it is 55 1/2". So no clinging to the tummy and hips, which is good. Length is 21 1/2" for both sizes.... I think it is going to be the size 14. Maybe.

And yes, I'm going to include the beading. I think it is going to be beautiful.

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