Sunday, 30 March 2008

Random things

This morning I actually managed to remember to reset all the clocks for the start of British Summertime.

The only thing that I got wrong was to put them back instead of forward. I didn't realise until nearly 11am, when of course I thought it was 9am - it came up in conversation whilst I was talking on the phone to my mother, who thought it was hilarious. Me, rather less so.... I don't think I've ever done that before. Spring forward, fall back. Of course. What was I thinking?

Things are still going really well at work, and I still cannot quite get my head around the fact that I have this wonderful job. I have the pleasure of running my own little yarn department, and I only have to work three days a week. And I get to teach as well - I'm discovering that I really enjoy the teaching.

The sock class seemed to go well yesterday. I'm running it again on Tuesday, and before then I must pull back the heel turn and the pick-up along the sides of the heel flap, which I demonstrated in the class. And also pull back what I've done so far of the second sock, which I used to demonstrate the cast on and the join for working in the round. And then after Tuesday, they can become my travel knitting, along with Lenore.

Which I wasn't going to mention. I must get Lenore finished, this is becoming an embarrassment. It's not even as if it is second sock syndrome, because I haven't even finished the first one yet.

I remember saying when I started this job, that I knew I would eventually get used to the driving - and I think I've reached that point now. In fact I enjoy the drive, even when it is as windy as it was yesterday evening. I drive a small, very light car with an extremely short wheelbase, and a relatively tall profile. So when it is windy - and particularly when there is a strong sidewind which is gusting the way it was yesterday - I tend to zigzag down the motorway in the inside lane, rather than travelling in a straight line in the normal way. And I have to keep the speed down a bit too, of course. There was one point yesterday when I almost thought I was going to be blown right off the road. Interesting.

It's a pretty drive though - the non-motorway part of it, at least. And it is definitely spring now. There's one place where the road goes down through some woods, and on one particular bend there is a strong smell of wild garlic. Celandine at the roadside too.....

Podcasts are what I listen to whilst I'm driving. At the moment I'm catching up with all the back issues of Sticks and String. I listen to new issues as they come out, as well.

I like everything about the content of this podcast, and the way it is presented. There's usually an interview - David has met and talked with some really interesting people - and a book review as well, which again is always interesting. There's some music, which will invariably be something instrumental and easy to listen to - and an essay, usually read by David, sometimes by someone else. Sometimes there's a yarn review, too. David talks about what he's knitting, and how it's going, and what he's thinking of making next, and what's happening with knitting generally in the area where he lives. And there is 'from the bottom of the knitting bag' - which could be just about anything.

All good stuff, basically. Each issue tends to last between 30 and 40 minutes, so I get time for at least one issue each way, whilst I'm driving.

After I've got through all the back issues of Sticks and String - I've got about a dozen still to go - I shall return to Brenda Dayne's Cast On. I've only listened to a few of these, but I know that I like them. I'm looking forward to getting caught up with the back issues here, too. Longer programmes, these - some of them run to more than an hour. All good stuff, again.

What else - Mine.

Here it is looking curly and rather nondescript. I have only picked it up again this morning, other than this I haven't worked on it at all since I last posted a picture. I hope to get a good bit more done today and tomorrow. That's the remains of the first of ten skeins of yarn there, by the way.

I was wondering a little about the gauge for this. I didn't work a swatch, which I really should have done - I decided that I would just go for it, and if I needed to pull it all back and rework it, then so be it. But I think it is working out as it should. Maybe a fraction short on the row count, maybe not - I haven't worked enough length yet to be certain.

I'm prepared for this to drop a little in wear. The yarn is quite heavy - the finished garment will weigh half a kilo, even without the beads, and it is only a sleeveless top, let us not forget. But a little extra length will certainly not hurt.

What's next? I should finish Pia. And I should finish the Cobblestone Pullover too, or else my predictions of the weather warming up before I can wear it, are exactly what's going to happen.

But I think a Kidsilk Haze phase may be imminent. Because Spook is going to happen soon, in Anthracite, I think. Yes, I like grey.

And I keep thinking about another Birch, in Jelly, which is a gorgeous clear vivid lime green. If I dare. That's very bright indeed, for me. But before that, I really must finish the Smoke Birch that I have on the needles.

Also, I have completely fallen for Ghost. This is an unstructured wrap cardigan with belt ties attached at the side seams, and the two fronts worked sideways. It is worked with two strands of Kidsilk Haze held together - in two different colours. The illustration shows Anthracite and Smoke held together. I am thinking about Cocoa and Putty, or maybe Elegance and Jacob. The possibilites are endless. Imagine it worked with Blood and Wicked....

Right now, less talk and more knitting, I think!


Queen of the froggers said...

That is so good that the job turned out well. Teaching must be great fun!

Twinkle Toes said...

Have to agree about David Reidy.. He keeps me company when I'm out running...

His essays often leave much food for thought too...

Lindsey said...

Nice to hear how much you're loving your job. It does sound like my dream job--the parts of teaching that I love (the teaching bit!) without the parts I can't stand (meddlesome parents, teenage dramas, petty school politics), plus being surrounded by yarn! :-)

I like your thoughts on your commute. I have about a 40 minute drive each way, too, and my route is VERY windy this time of year (empty farm fields on either side, so nothing to break the wind)--and my usual car is small and lightweight. I have been blown across the centre line many times recently, and it's a bit scary (especially in the snow!). I should get back into the habit of listening to podcasts, though--I have lots downloaded, so that's a good thought.