Saturday, 1 March 2008


I must admit that it does feel strange being at home for all this time.

The routine of my work days is definitely something that I am missing. I had been looking forward to starting my teach-in sessions, some of which have now had to be cancelled, and I am hoping that I will be back to normal again in time for next week's sessions.

Whilst I am housebound however, I've been knitting, and thinking about knitting.

Yesterday I finished both sleeves of Chevy, and started the back. Now before you think that sounds fairly amazing, let me point out that these are little short raglan sleeves - cap sleeves really, and they are about as small as an adult sleeve can get. So not really very much area involved there.

The back, however, is a different matter. I'm making the Medium size, and this is going to end up being some 28 1/2" long. So once I've finished this almost mindless ribbing there will be a quantity of totally mindless stocking stitch, of which I seem to be doing a fair amount recently.

So that's all good.

With regard to thinking about knitting - I can't remember whether or not I mentioned it before, but I am definitely going to make Stripes Galore. Also Truffle, in the Mink colourway. Now Truffle is very much in my usual style of things - as you may know, I like my neutrals. And I used to love working Aran patterns. This one is not traditional of course, but very beautiful, and I am sure it will be very easy to wear.

So why Stripes Galore? This is about as far removed from neutral as it is possible to get, after all. People have been - shall we say, surprised, to hear that this is going to be on the needles soon, and that I have every intention of wearing it.

Well, I could point out that there is a lot of black in this pattern, and I do wear a lot of black, but the real reason that I want this is because I've made a very bright - and very successful - Kaffe Fassett design before, for my husband. That was Arizona Stripe, from Rowan 33, and believe me it is very very bright indeed. But when it is worn, that isn't the first impression that comes to mind. Instead, the first thought is quite simply, how beautiful - and there have been many comments to that effect. KF knows his stuff. And I trust his judgement. This will be a beautiful and unusual pullover.

In the meantime, my priorites are simple. Knitting, and rest - not necessarily in that order.

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Lindsey said...

I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like quite the nasty bug you've had. But what lovely knitting you've been up to in the meantime! Your year of the sweater seems to be off to a great start....I'm enjoying watching it all. :-)