Monday, 24 March 2008


I finished knitting the Wrap Waistcoat yesterday evening. Today I seamed it and worked the armhole borders.

So, this is the Wrap Waistcoat, from Rowan's brochure All Seasons at the Mill, worked in All Seasons Cotton (of course), in black. The pattern says 8 skeins, I used 9.

This is an even worse photograph than I usually manage - well, it is black, and the flash has completely washed it out. But I am rather pleased with this, and I'll wear it to work tomorrow, I think.

Next, Mine. And some socks, for the Saturday class.....


Anonymous said...

Your twirly scarf looks beautifully soft, and the wrap waistcoat looks very nice too - I wish I could finish things as quickly! 'Mine' looks interesting - I wish the Rowan pictures were bigger - I still haven't done anything with the Cotton Tape that I've got, must pop into my local Rowan dept. to have a look at the books there. I think it knits up similarly to the Bamboo Tape, doesn't it?
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I continue to be impressed with your ability to stick with a project to completion. The wrap waistcoat looks great and very wearable. I look forward to what's next.
Barbara in CA

Lindsey said...

Wow! Another major FO! You really are amazing. :-)

Even with the photo, it looks like a fabulous knit. Any chance we could get a modelled photo?? :-)