Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday morning

What a lot of good advice in the comments on my last post! Thankyou everyone, I do read everything and I appreciate every comment - blogger doesn't give me your email though, so it isn't easy for me to reply individually. But I do read them all, I promise.

With regard to the amount that I may lose - to get my BMI to the point where it should be, that would be 40 lb. Yes, that is a lot. I've tried a lot of diets over the years - some good, some not so good - but they've all been less and less effective as time has passed, and I had reached a point where it seemed that the weight really was here to stay, and I was starting to resign myself to the fact that it just wasn't going to shift.

I'd like to emphasise that right now I am not dieting. I'm eating gluten-free, yes - and I'm being extremely careful about it - but I am in no way restricting the amount or the content of what I eat, other than leaving out the gluten. At the moment I'm just sort of observing with interest what is happening here, and wondering where it is all going to end up.

Socks and lace would indeed be a good solution - but I somehow can't get going on socks at the moment. I will have to very soon - I'm teaching some sock classes at the end of the month - but until that gets a bit more imminent I haven't got much motivation for socks. Lace - I do have Birch on the needles. And I am going to make Sharon Miller's Bressay Hap Shawl sometime soon, but I'm still waiting for part of the yarn. I should get Birch finished first, definitely - but somehow it isn't quite what I want to be working on right now.

Actual garments though, that's a different matter. I said last year that for me, 2008 was going to be the year of the sweater, and so far that is indeed the way it is working out, and I'm happy with that.

I think that until it becomes clear where my weight is going to settle, I shall just have to be careful with my choice of styles and sizing. I don't have wide shoulders, and if I wear a top that theoretically ought to fit me, based on my bust measurement, then very often it doesn't fit well because the shoulders droop and the sleeves are much too long. So I tend to go for a size M with roomy styling usually, rather than L - and hold the thought that negative ease is my friend. With luck, when things settle down - hopefully over the next few months - I will still be wearing a size M, but with the amount of ease that the designer intended. With more fitted styles, thought will be required.

You will not be surprised to hear that I finished knitting Chevy over the weekend. Yesterday I seamed the raglans and worked the neckband, and today I am finishing the seaming. I've done one side already, and I'll get to the other one very soon. So after I've ironed it a bit, there will be a picture.

I did try it on yesterday evening - I pinned it up all along the sides and put it on very carefully indeed, and it is going to be fine.

I've been planning Kaffe Stripe and Stripes Galore, as well. The Kaffe Stripe cardigan is not a problem - I will make the M, which measures 41" around. I'll be wearing it open anyway - no buttons on this, just a tie at the neckline. But Stripes Galore is more problematic. The size M on this one measures 40" around, and size L is 44". There is a little waist shaping at the side seams, but not a lot. The shoulderline is 14.4" on the M, and 15.8" on the L - and I know from experience that the L will be a bit wide on the shoulders, but will fit me with a comfortable and appropriate amount of ease around the body - so I would have picked the L. But if I lose even one more stone, then the L will really be too big, and the M will be the right choice.

I think I'll make the cardigan first.

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donnag said...

Fiona, you have such beautiful choices here, and the weight will work itself out. Just concentrate on your health, and a healthy diet. I know that the stores in NYC have large gluten-free sections, and I'm sure that Europe is ahead of us as far as that is concerned! I'm so glad that you're going to make th Bressay Hap Shawl - I did purchase the yarn for it, and hope to make it some day, but I'm sure that yours will be an inspiration.