Monday, 17 March 2008

In which my knitting misbehaves

Well, its Monday morning, and I've had a nice knitting weekend. The back of the Wrap Waistcoat is finished, and the right front is done as well. I'm just casting on for the left front right this minute.

I don't think I will be wearing this tomorrow though, because I have a very unexpected problem. I think I may be short of yarn, and this is something that never happens to me. Never. In fact its been something that I've been quite pleased about - I don't run out of yarn, I knit to tension, I always get an extra skein just in case. Yes, right. It never happens to me - until it does, despite everything.

I will clarify. I am making size M, and the pattern says 8 balls of All Seasons Cotton. I bought 9 balls - just in case - and also because I had decided to add two extra rows to each side of the front, to give just a bit of extra fabric at the front where I need it, and not at the back where I don't.

So, I have the left front and the armhole borders still to work. I weighed the right front and the remaining yarn (out of 9 balls, remember) in my kitchen scales, and as near as I can tell, they weigh the same.

This is most annoying.

I have enough oddments for the seams, and if I hadn't worked the extra two rows on the right front (and I'll be doing them on the left front as well) then I'd have enough for the armhole borders as well, I'm sure. As it is, I might - just! - need a 10th ball of yarn. Its not a huge problem of course, I can buy some tomorrow, and I won't worry about the dyelot as the armhole borders are only narrow.

But you know, I cannot remember this ever happening to me before. Invariably I have yarn left over - this is why I accumulate so many odd balls of yarn. And yes, before you ask, my tension is spot on all the way through.

I know the answer to this one of course. I need to buy more yarn to start with.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

How maddening for the risk of being obvious, is it the yardage? Is that a pattern for ASC, or for something else...on the plus side though, what a great excuse for aquiring extra odd balls...and then having them (or not, as in this case!) in your stash....Hopefully your hotlaine to rowan will stand you a good chance of getting the right colour in the right dye lot...Good luck! Fran

martelle said...

Not that you're the knitting oracle or anything......(!).. but have you checked the errata for this? I'm more inclined to think that an error has been made in the pattern rather than you making an error LOL ! Hope that you manage to easily get more yarn in the right dyelot.