Friday, 21 March 2008

In which I am not actually doing any knitting

You'll gather from the title that I haven't yet finished the Wrap Waistcoat. I have been doing some messing around with the pattern - more on that another time - and the net result is that I still haven't got the left front finished. I've done several inches of it, but I haven't reached the collar shaping yet - the fronts are worked sideways, remember.

I still love the fabric, but I've been working on this too long and I want to be wearing it. The back is done, the right front is done - there's just this one last piece, and then the finishing. Shoulder and collar seams, armhole borders, and side seams......

But I won't be working on it today. Today, I am crocheting. I am teaching a session tomorrow on granny squares, a follow-on session from one for absolute beginners, and this does mean - ahem - that I do actually need to have some granny squares made up to show people. So, today, crochet.

And I'm remembering why I went through a crochet phase some years ago, because these little squares are definitely rather fun. I'm going to make some multi-coloured ones in a minute, and I've been trying out hexagons too - I think they work quite well actually.

There is a twirly crochet scarf in progress, as well - Rowan Tapestry, as you can probably see. I love this yarn, it is so useful for all sorts of things, and so soft as well. Subtle colour changes, very much my sort of thing. This is shade 175 Moorland - soft gentle beiges and silvery greys, going through to a steely blue/grey like hills on the horizon ..... beautiful.

And yes, I know that twirly scarves have been around for a while now. I am a long way behind the times, that's clear. But it is still fun!

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