Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday, probably

I started the Wrap Waistcoat the other day, as I mentioned. Here is the current state of play - I am just past the armhole shaping on the back. I'm using the markers, as usual, so that I don't have to keep counting rows.

This is not mindless knitting, unfortunately. First of all, it is black, which makes it harder for me to see what I'm doing. Then, the whole garment is worked in ribbing - and it is not an even ribbing. It is k2 p2 k1 p2. And that k1 is slowing me right down. I keep forgetting to pay attention to what I'm doing, and flying straight past it. I think that so far I have had to ladder back in three different places and correct a misplaced stitch. It is easily done, of course - All Seasons Cotton is an incredibly well behaved and forgiving yarn - but it still slows me down, and that is annoying.

Lovely fabric though. I'm looking forward to wearing this soon. I've even managed to get one of the large kilt pins to fasten it with - these seem to be in short supply, so I've been very lucky there. All I need to do now is get on with it!

A few points from the comments.

Ether actually has a knitted edging - the ties are crocheted, with pretty dangly leaves on them - but that is all. A narrow ribbed band, or a long i-cord, or indeed a twisted cord - all of these could easily be substituted.

Actually I think I have changed my mind about this one (yes, I am fickle) and I am now looking at Tulip instead. I hear reports on Ravelry that the edging is a little tricky - but I've been reading through the pattern and it looks ok to me. Interesting to work, I think - but ok. I'll find out soon. Also, I think that I prefer the little cap sleeves on this one.

Oats, and gluten free eating - theoretically oats should be absolutely fine for the vast majority of coeliacs - usually it is wheat, rye and barley that cause problems. There are just a few unlucky people who also cannot eat oats. However oats is not easily included in a gluten free diet, purely because of the problems that exist with cross contamination which can (and does!) happen routinely during processing, during transport - or even in the field where the crops are grown. This is a real pity, of course.

However there is a lot of variation between different manufacturers, so often it is possible to find a brand that is ok. I have heard very good reports about McCann's steel cut oatmeal in this regard, and we were going to try it - but unfortunately my local supermarket, which used to stock it, has just discontinued it. But I've since found that Jordan's organic line seems to be fine for me.

What else - podcasts!

A little while ago, I didn't really know what these were at all. Now, I think I am completely hooked. The ones that I listen to are David Reidy's 'Sticks and String', and Brenda Dayne's 'Cast On'. I've tried several others - some have too much giggling and squealing, and I don't find that pleasant listening - sometimes I find an accent a bit difficult to understand - and sometimes the author just doesn't 'speak' to me. Both David and Brenda however are very easy to listen to, and I really enjoy their programmes.

I get the podcasts from iTunes (free!) and put them onto my little Zen Stone. My little car has a cassette player in it - I have no cassettes these days, but I have bought myself one of those cassette things that you can plug in to an MP3 player, and so I can listen to podcasts whilst I'm driving to and from work. It is relaxing, and the drive goes really quickly.

Except - at the moment, my little car is in the garage being fixed. It was making a strange noise - exactly like an ambulance siren in the distance. I kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if blue lights were coming up behind and I needed to pull over. Not ideal, really.

Anyway, the garage tells me that the turbo needs to be replaced. It is all under warranty, so it isn't going to cost me anything. But a turbo? This car is tiny, and I didn't even know it had a turbo. I expressed my surprise - the garage man told me that without it, it would hardly be able to pull away from the kerb, with such a small engine. Hmmmm.

So I am driving around in a courtesy car at the moment. It's a Mercedes, and its very nice - but it doesn't have a cassette player, nor does it have a place to plug in an MP3. And I'm missing my podcasts.....

I could, of course, listen to them at home. Even, whilst knitting. Now there's a thought. But can I cope with k2 p2 k1 p2 at the same time?

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