Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wednesday morning

I did get the back of Viv finished on Monday evening. Not much knitting yesterday evening, I was a bit tired, but I did get halfway up the ribbing for the front, at least.

It is looking rather unprepossessing, I will admit, but this is beautiful fabric. And I love the colour. I am looking forward to picking up for the neckband and the armhole edging - I enjoy fiddly bits like that.

Addi Lace needles there, by the way. They are very, very good indeed. All the nice stuff you've heard about them is absolutely true.

Work is still going well. It is a pity about the drive, though - it really is the only down factor about the whole thing.

Tuesday is definitely the worst day for driving. Yesterday it took me one hour and twenty minutes, from the time I drove away from the house, until I arrived on the shopfloor. No accident on the motorway, no road closures or anything like that - just lots of traffic.

On the way home, I leave the shopfloor at 5, in theory. If I am busy with a customer then I may not get away until twenty minutes later than that. It is pretty busy on the roads around then. Yesterday I did actually manage to leave just after 5 - and I arrived home at about 6:15.

Thursday is easier, and Saturday is not so bad really. But it always takes at least an hour, door to shopfloor. Definitely longer than I would like. Never mind, I am enjoying the job anyway.

On a more cheerful note - I've just put out a timetable for the teach-ins that I will be running during March, to give people a bit of notice. These are one hour sessions at the yarn table on the shopfloor, with small groups of up to five people - no more, because we haven't got room for more at the table. They are free of charge, and I'm really hoping that they will be popular.

For March I've timetabled sessions on finishing techniques, picking up stitches, crochet in the round making granny squares (carrying on from a 'crochet from scratch' session at the end of Feb), a multidirectional scarf (a free pattern, and getting people started with short rows) and sock basics - again, getting people started, and providing a free pattern. Each session is run on a Saturday and repeated during the following week - I have in mind that sometimes people can't make it during the weekend but are free during the week, or vice versa.

Thoughts for April - a repeat of the Crochet from Scratch, definitely - also, something more about crochet, I am thinking increasing and decreasing, with a free pattern for a ripple blanket - possibly finishing techniques again if there is interest - possibly more on socks, again, if there is interest - and something on colourwork, probably fair isle techniques.

So I am waiting now in some trepidation for people to start showing some interest. I do hope I haven't got it all horribly wrong.


Queen of the froggers said...

That is a long drive. Maybe you could listen to some audio books or something? I hope the teach ins go Ok. It must be hard to know what people want to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you are doing your work/knitting/teaching...I'd LOVE to come, I'm in Bucks so might not be too far away, how can I find out? Fran (no blog!)

Fiona said...

Fran - I'm working as the Rowan Design Consultant at John Lewis Cribb's Causeway, which is just outside Bristol - so that's not exactly close to you. But if you are ever around here, then please do drop in!