Thursday, 28 February 2008


Not at work today. In fact I don't think I am fit to associate with the rest of the human race at the moment, and I certainly can't talk very much at all.

However, I am still knitting when I am awake, albeit not very fast.

Today I started the replacement Modified Ganomy Hat. I'm using the same yarn and needles as before - extremely cheap chunky acrylic which came from Lidl, and 6.5mm Denise's. I'll soon be switching to dpns. The modifications that I made before were to change the pointy gnome-like top to this hat, and make it head-shaped instead. So far, all is going to plan, but it remains to be seen whether I can decipher my somewhat cryptic notes all the way through.

With luck (and not too much coughing) tomorrow I'll have it finished and be able to post the modifications.

One other thing which is interesting - well it is to me, anyway. Since I went gluten-free, I've now lost eleven pounds, with absolutely no effort whatsoever. I do need to lose a fair bit more to get my BMI where it ought to be. Really I'd like to be able to pick a pair of size 12 Boden jeans and know that they'd fit me. Right now, it would need to be a size 16. I wonder if the weight loss will continue.

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Margene said...

It's good to stay home and rest when you're not well. Hope you are on the mend! I friend of mine lost quite a bit of weight when she went glutton free. With a little exercise you can easily reach your goal!