Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday morning

Yesterday was definitely A Very Good Day.

First there was the most amazingly beautiful sunrise, with the light filtering through the mist across the levels down by the river. I didn't have time for a photo yesterday - I had to get out of the door and go to work, after all - but this morning was pretty amazing as well.

I've been watching for the deer again, but I haven't seen them since the floods. I suppose they've gone up onto higher ground - I hope they'll be back soon though. I used to see them quite often, particularly in the early morning.

Work was a really enjoyable day. Some very busy patches - the new yarns are practically walking out the door by themselves, and I'm not surprised - and some quiet patches too, so I wasn't completely run off my feet. At the end of the day, I actually had time to sit down and knit for a little while. Ok, maybe it was only for about 15 minutes, but it was so nice.

And the yarnwall is looking better and better. I try to keep one or two skeins of every colour on display, so that people can see exactly what we have available - and it is pretty much there, now.

People come into the yarn area - usually now I just make eye contact, smile, and say hello - sometimes they will pick up on this and ask a question, sometimes it is clear that they just want to browse. Some people know exactly what they want, and go straight there. Some people have no idea what they are after, and want to just look through the yarns and patterns for inspiration and ideas. Others also have no idea what they are after, but want inspiration and ideas from me.

I meet so many nice people. Is there such a thing as a grumpy knitter? I don't think so.

Anyway, a really excellent day. When I started, an experienced Rowan Design Consultant told me that it would probably take me four weeks to get on top of this job and not to feel exhausted at the end of the day. And this last week has been my fourth week - so I would say that she was precisely right.

Even driving home was good. The roads were pretty clear - and there was the most beautiful fingernail moon hanging in the sky. I love watching the phases of the moon change. It's funny how I never used to even notice things like this.

And in the evening there were a couple of good films on satellite, and knitting.

Viv is heading fast towards the armhole shaping - actually this will be increasing, for the cap sleeves. Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK in Gooseberry, if you're wondering. And it is amazing to work with. Very well behaved, lovely and soft of course, and a beautiful drape to it. Really, a pleasure.

Finally, I've got this - from Lucy and Kai - thankyou!

I'm now supposed to name ten people who inspire me - and my only problem here is picking just ten.

Lene is top of my list. This lady never fails to inspire. She writes with elegance and clarity, and her work is just amazing.

Jared is next. His work is always original and always so beautifully photographed.

Jean is endlessly entertaining. Her tastes in knitting are very similar to mine, and again she writes so beautifully.

Stephanie - well, Stephanie very nearly goes without saying. Her blog was the very first one that I discovered, even before I found the existence of the huge online knitting community that I now (almost) take for granted.

I've been reading Norma's blog for a long time too. Again, a lady who knows how to use words. She's committed to post every day this year, and she will do it, too.

Franklin. What would we do without him? Witty, entertaining, and creative.

Marilyn, who doesn't mince words, but I have a suspicion isn't nearly as fierce as she sounds.

Joe - again, one of the very first blogs I began to read regularly. Joe always has something interesting to say, and his work is beautiful.

And to finish, Margene and Claudia. Both of these ladies have the most amazing colour sense, and write beautifully as well. Two more bloggers that I've been reading for a long, long time now.

So that's ten, and I can immediately think of at least a dozen more. Everyone on the list in my sidebar, for a start.

This weekend (Sunday and Monday, for me) there will, I hope, be a whole lot of knitting. I've got my yarn for Cordoba now, and I'm looking forward to starting on that soon. Viv first, though. I want to wear it next week - although this could possibly be a little over-optimistic. I'll see.

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Queen of the froggers said...

A well deserved award for you! I shall enjoy looking through your links too.