Friday, 8 February 2008

New beginnings

I am still here. I've just been really, really busy.

But the yarnwall is no longer looking quite so much like a disaster area, and the new yarns are out. They are absolutely lovely, by the way - and I am very happy with this year's new patterns. There are so many really wearable things, to fit all shapes and sizes.

Lots of stuff to talk about today, so a long post - and lots of pictures too, as I've started rather a lot of new things.

On the subject of new yarns and patterns, a little more about those display flags.

The stripy one is the Kaffe Stripe Cardigan from Rowan 43 - and it speaks for itself, really. The man has done it again, as he always does. Genius - the colours are just beautiful. This is worked in Rowan's 4 ply Cotton and Cotton Glace. I love it and it will be mine! But later.....

The pink one at the back is called Wallflower, and it is worked in Rowan's new Purelife Cotton DK. I love this yarn to bits. It is wonderfully soft and the colours are subtle and beautiful - and what is really interesting here is that all the dyes used for this range are vegetable dyes. This colour is called Madder - and it really is dyed with madder. The pattern is from the Organic Cotton Collection, and it is a wrap cardigan. I've got my eye on a neat little textured pullover from this book called Sweet William - I would make it in Logwood, I think.

In the middle at the front is a swatch for the cover design from Rowan 43 - this is called Gabrielle. 4ply cotton again, and really pretty.

And now my two favourites.

This gorgeous black and cream lacy swatch is for Meringue, from Rowan Classic's Summer Breeze brochure. I really enjoyed knitting this - it is something rather special. That is black velvet ribbon threaded through the eyelets in my swatch - the pattern called for satin, but I couldn't immediately find it in the right width, and as it turns out, the velvet works beautifully as a contrast to the knitted fabric. Really rather pleasing.

And last but most definitely not least, a new design from Sharon Miller.

Now, I am a huge fan of this lady's work - and this shawl - Purity - is no exception. It is a wide shallow triangle. You start at the lower point, and increase rapidly outwards at each side. From the top of the triangle, the edging is simply knitted on, as you can see above, and there is an interesting loopy cast off, which adds to the flouncy effect. Then the edging for the other two sides is picked up and worked in exactly the same way. Effect - beautiful.

This is worked here in Kidsilk Night for the main triangle - the one with a bit of sparkle to it - and Kidsilk Haze, for the coloured edging. But it would work brilliantly with two shades of KSH - perhaps one of the more vivid colours that might be hard to wear by itself, together with a neutral. All sorts of possibilites.....

I've got a couple more swatches to work still, and I'll put up some pics when I have them finished.

In the meantime, I've been playing around with yarn, which is excellent fun, as we all know.

This is the beginning of a mistake stitch scarf in Rowan Classic Wool Tweed. This yarn is surprisingly light and easy to work, and it is producing really a rather nice fabric. I like this yarn more than I was expecting to, actually.

Here is the beginning of a multidirectional scarf in Rowan Tapestry - this is just an oddment left over from my Tartan Scarf. The picture doesn't do it justice - not unusual with my photography, of course. I can absolutely see why this pattern has been so very popular.

Also, my yarn finally arrived, and I have started Viv.

This is Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK and it is just so soft. Like kittens, truly. The colour is Gooseberry, the same as the pattern picture - and I don't want to put this down. It is my new favourite thing.

Something that I haven't actually started yet - nor am I likely to in the immediate future - is the first instalment of the Blue Moon Sock Club for 2008.

This is Dragon Dance - and it is red. Red, red, red. Not orange, my camera lies. To my shame, I haven't even read the pattern yet. I still haven't finished even the first Lenore sock. I will get there, but it won't be just yet. Meanwhile, I look at it and enjoy.

I will finish with a gratuitous Lucy picture.

She knows exactly how cute she is, too!


martelle said...

Glad that you're still here and love the flags.

Bearium said...

The flags are great and it's always nice to see pictures of my namesake!

And tag, you're it. I voted "you make my day" ;)