Monday, 11 February 2008

Monday morning

Another freezing cold and bright morning today, and it feels as though spring isn't so very far away now. We went for a stroll up to the local pub yesterday before lunch, and there were snowdrops and crocuses blooming at the roadside, and daffodils on the tables too. But it is still so cold....

Anyway, Viv is coming along nicely.

A good long stretch of mindless stocking stitch can be just what I want, sometimes - and this project certainly fits the bill. That orange marker is the beginning of the armhole, and I've got a bit less than 50 rows still to work before the shoulder and neck shaping. If I get my act together, I might get the back finished today. I've become a little wary of predicting how long it will take me to finish things - recently it has become very apparent that I am wildly over-optimistic sometimes. So I will make no predictions here, but reserve judgement and just keep knitting.

I have been reading through the pattern for Cordoba, and I've drawn myself a little chart showing which block of colour goes where. I do find charts so much easier to deal with than the written-out instructions. I can see already that there will be a multitude of ends to deal with in this design - I must take care to weave them in as I go along, if at all possible.

However I think I will finish Pia and the Cobblestone Pullover before I start Cordoba.

Summer knitting has been on my mind, as well, and I think I have narrowed down my list somewhat now.

I really like Kaffe Fassett's Stripes Galore (yes, very sixties, I know - I remember this stuff from the first time around) and I have also completely fallen for Truffle, which I think is just gorgeous, and completely dateless. The Silk Cotton is such a lovely yarn to work with, but as it is supposed to be dry clean only I have my doubts about making this in 'Ice' , which would be my first choice - a very pale creamy white. I do wash things all the time which are supposed to be dry clean only - so I'm not too worried about the prospect of washing this. But still, maybe not pale cream. So I'm looking at 'Mink' instead.

Can I just say about the washing/dry cleaning thing - please, please - don't take this as advice! This is what I do myself - but I cannot recommend that you do it too. Please follow the advice on the ballband!

Damask is a yarn that I have never worked with, but I have completely fallen for two of the new colours - Pyrite, and Onyx. There is the perfect pattern in Rowan 43 as well - Chevy. My only difficulty is choosing which colour to use.

I also have in mind to make the Kaffe Stripe Cardigan. There is a display flag of this pattern, and I really love the colours. So that one is on the list too. Also Cookie - yet another pattern in the Silk Cotton. I'd really like to make this in black, so I've been considering a possible yarn substitution here. Either Cotton Jeans or Natural Silk Aran could work instead - but there isn't a flat black in either of these yarns either. Also, the increased weight is probably not a good idea with a stretchy rib fabric, and I don't think that I would be so happy with the end result. So I think I will stay with the Silk Cotton. Colour?- either Peat or Fudge - probably Fudge, I think.

And finally there is the Lacy Raglan Sweater, which would be quick and easy, and extremely wearable. I think I probably have yarn in the stash for this already.

So that is six more sweaters for the list. With Viv, Pia and Cobblestone on the needles at the moment, I have my work cut out here.

I'd better just keep knitting, I think.

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