Thursday, 14 February 2008

Acting on impulse

Actually it wasn't really on impulse, not completely, because we've been thinking about it in general terms for a little while now....

Yesterday we bought a car, you see. We will be picking it up on Monday next week, and then I will be the proud owner of a little secondhand Smart car.

We went down to just one car about three and a half years ago, and although it has been a little inconvenient more than once, we've managed. We were both effectively retired at that point, mainly due to ill health, so it would have been pretty hard to justify running two cars. But we're past that now, and I'm working again - and I'm going to carry on, as well. I like this job. So it does seem like a good idea to have a little runabout which I can use for commuting.

It is very fuel efficient, which is important to us - well, it is very small and has a very small engine - and we are happy with all the safety features. This particular little car has low mileage for its age, and has been well looked after. We think we have a bargain.

Also acting on impulse - well, sort of - I have discovered that not only can I not eat wheat or rye, but also spelt. Don't ask. I won't be trying that again. I had heard that it might be ok, that sometimes people who cannot manage modern varieties of wheat with their high gluten content, sometimes they are fine with spelt. It turns out that does not apply to me, and I really should have left well alone.

What else - knitting has been minimal due to excitement about the new car, and time spent driving around and on the telephone getting insurance quotes.

I've worked another section on the multidirectional scarf, so I will have something to show people. I've worked a bit more of the ribbing on the front of Viv, and a bit more of the leg of the first Lenore sock. This evening is weekly knitting group, so I should with luck be able to get a bit more done on Viv. I won't be wearing it this week. Maybe next week.....

Also, to my great relief, bookings for the teach-ins are coming in nicely.


Heather said...

The new car sounds good fun! I hope the picking it up on Monday all goes well.

Good luck with the teaching, it sounds like you have a nice variety of classes organised, and well done for getting bookings so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Crikey, what is Spelt? I have never heard of it, but it sounds rather unpleasant! Fran

Jess said...

Hi Fiona,
Glad to read that everything's going okay your way - if a little hectic! At least it's nice and sunny outside now!

Please could you send me a link to the John Lewis classes? I'd be interested in them, esp. any crochet ones!
Cheerio for now,

Heather said...

I'm so jealous...I would love to have a SmartCar, but they don't sell them over here (in the US). We also only have one car, and we both work!! Good for you!