Sunday, 24 February 2008

The absentee blogger

Goodness, that was nearly a week. I have no idea how the time went so fast. It's been busy, yes - but that is hardly unusual. Note to self - must try harder.

However finally - I have the first finished garment of February. This morning I stitched the last seam, and wove in the last ends. Viv is done.

This is from Rowan Classic's AM to PM book, and it is made with Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK, in Gooseberry, exactly as illustrated in the book. I made size medium, and it took 8 skeins of yarn, as the pattern says.

A nice straightforward knit, in a really lovely yarn, and a very flattering garment to wear - the cap sleeves work unexpectedly well. I shall wear this for work, over a long sleeved tshirt.

I've nearly finished the first sleeve of the Cobblestone Pullover. Every time I pick this up I am reminded how much I like this yarn, particularly at a close gauge. All Seasons Cotton really does work very well indeed for me. Another note to self - get this finished before the weather warms up!

I bought a whole stack of the dark grey melange colourway that I'm using a year or so ago when the colour was discontinued and it was on clearance. I've already used it to make the Garter Rib Pullover from Classic Knits for Real Women, and I'm hoping that there will be enough left over to make the Lacy Raglan Pullover from the new book 'All Seasons at the Mill'. It's going to be close....

Today I am working on Pia some more. The problem with putting a project aside for a little while is that one forgets how the pattern was going - at least, I do. But this should go fast, if I could just stick to it for a little while. It's only four skeins of All Seasons Cotton, after all, and I've nearly finished the second skein already.

Also today, I will be casting on for two new projects - Cordoba, and Chevy. Cordoba I am making exactly as pictured - three shades of Rowan 4 ply soft, and some Kidsilk Night. Chevy is made in Damask, which I haven't used before, and I've picked the charcoal/silver grey/natural colourway called Pyrite. Cordoba will probably be staying at home, as it will need some attention whilst I'm working on it due to the intarsia content, but Chevy will come to work with me.

On other matters, the new little car is going really well. It does take a bit of getting used to - it is so small compared to everything else on the road that one does feel a bit vulnerable. A bit like driving a very very large rollerskate, as someone said to me. But I've got my confidence in it now, and I'm zooming around exactly as usual.

I've got another busy day tomorrow, involving train travel. I can't remember the last time I took the train anywhere, now I come to think of it. The big advantage, of course, is that I will be able to knit during the journey. Excellent.


Kai said...


Viv looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing Cordoba and Chevy too. :)

Ollie and I were talking of getting a Smart when we first moved over! Will have to ask if he still wants to.

Martelle said...

Viv looks great. Hope the Pia goes well. Pia's designer (Kim Hargreaves) and I don't "think" the same way about instructions - some parts of this pattern had me really confused. I expected it to be a really quick knit but ended up knitting socks in between being confused! Glad to hear that the Smart is living up to expectations - they look really good fun.