Friday, 29 February 2008

Hat - and other knitting

Here is the finished Modified Ganomy Hat, mark II. You may recall that the original hat was worn to the pub by its owner, and whilst it was being passed around amid comments that nobody had ever seen a hat like it - someone else decided to take it home with them. I don't think that this one is precisely the same as the first one - but it will fit perhaps a little better, I believe.

And here are some brief notes on how I made it - and please note, you do have to pay attention to what is actually going to fit the intended recipient. My family have big heads - this one fits a head that measures 24 1/4" around.

The original pattern is to be found in Elizabeth Zimmermann's excellent book 'Knitters Almanac'. This was the first EZ book that I encountered and I was a complete convert almost instantly. If you haven't read it - then please do, you won't regret it.

Anyway - this is one of the patterns given for the month of June. I followed Elizabeth's pithy directions to a point where I had worked 8 complete sets of increases and decreases, then 6 more sets of increases and decreases at the back and sides only. You should work whatever will fit the head in question, of course. I then stopped back increasing, as Elizabeth says, and worked just three rounds more (with a set of side decreases in the middle round) before I diverged from the pattern.

I then started decreasing at the front and back as well as at the sides, and continued with this until there were about a dozen stitches left, at which point I took the end of the yarn through the remaining stitches and fastened off. These decreases did involve sssk and k3tog at several points, to make the shaping bands look the way that I wanted them to look - they aren't equidistant around the hat, remember, so things do overlap - but that isn't any sort of necessity, and really you can (of course) work it however you like. The thing to remember is that for a pretty much flat top to any hat, double decreases in four places works very well.

And that is really all there is to say. It is just a common sense modification to a very neat and original pattern. The next one that I make will be slightly different again, because although this works very well, I think I can improve on the shaping at the top.

At some point I am definitely going to make one of these hats for myself, with the original gnome-like pointy top. I still have plenty of the light blue yarn from Lidl, and that will do very well for me. Also, I think these hats will go down well as gifts. So maybe that's something for later in the year.

What else - Chevy.

I have cast on, and I'm working a gauge swatch, aka a sleeve. I haven't worked with this yarn before, and I'd prefer not to have any surprises with the sizing here. Currently just started the raglan shaping - yes, short sleeves.

There was a nice surprise with the yarn - Rowan's Damask, in Pyrite 049. Do you know, I was expecting this to be in shades of black, charcoal and silver grey - like this. What I've actually got, when I look at this yarn in daylight, is a gorgeous melange of charcoal/dark slatey blues and silvery naturals. Really lovely. I like it very much indeed. It is just a bit more grey than it looks here - my camera definitely makes things look more blue than they really are - but you get the idea, I hope.

The fabric is nice, too. There is a thick and thin thing going on, as well as the gorgeous colours. The drape is also going to be fantastic, not surprising with the viscose and linen fibre content.

And did I mention that I love the colour?

Thursday, 28 February 2008


Not at work today. In fact I don't think I am fit to associate with the rest of the human race at the moment, and I certainly can't talk very much at all.

However, I am still knitting when I am awake, albeit not very fast.

Today I started the replacement Modified Ganomy Hat. I'm using the same yarn and needles as before - extremely cheap chunky acrylic which came from Lidl, and 6.5mm Denise's. I'll soon be switching to dpns. The modifications that I made before were to change the pointy gnome-like top to this hat, and make it head-shaped instead. So far, all is going to plan, but it remains to be seen whether I can decipher my somewhat cryptic notes all the way through.

With luck (and not too much coughing) tomorrow I'll have it finished and be able to post the modifications.

One other thing which is interesting - well it is to me, anyway. Since I went gluten-free, I've now lost eleven pounds, with absolutely no effort whatsoever. I do need to lose a fair bit more to get my BMI where it ought to be. Really I'd like to be able to pick a pair of size 12 Boden jeans and know that they'd fit me. Right now, it would need to be a size 16. I wonder if the weight loss will continue.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Unfortunately I've finally succumbed to the bug that is going around at the moment. I've been fighting it off for about a week, but it's finally got me. Possibly the most inconvenient thing about it is that for quite a lot of the time today my voice has been completely gone. Also I am coughing, not nice. A lot. So I am hoping that tomorrow things will be better, because it is going to be a bit difficult doing anything much in the yarn department otherwise.

I have hardly done any knitting at all. Sleeping, yes, lots of that.....

The back of Pia is finished though. Clever shaping there. And clever slip stitch edging - really clever actually. I wasn't at all sure about it when I got to that bit - the instructions are very specific, and (rugged individualist that I am, hah) I very nearly changed it to something of my own devising. I'm glad I didn't, though. It works really well.

Where was I? Ah yes, sleep. Back tomorrow. Probably. Hopefully.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Late on Sunday (very late, actually)

Just a note - I've had to turn on comment moderation because the spammers have finally found me. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, but I'm sorry not to be able to allow people to comment freely. I'll see how things go - if the spammers decide to leave me alone, then I'll turn it off again. If anyone has any problems, please email me and let me know.

And what has happened to Bloglines? Call in the plumber, please!

The absentee blogger

Goodness, that was nearly a week. I have no idea how the time went so fast. It's been busy, yes - but that is hardly unusual. Note to self - must try harder.

However finally - I have the first finished garment of February. This morning I stitched the last seam, and wove in the last ends. Viv is done.

This is from Rowan Classic's AM to PM book, and it is made with Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK, in Gooseberry, exactly as illustrated in the book. I made size medium, and it took 8 skeins of yarn, as the pattern says.

A nice straightforward knit, in a really lovely yarn, and a very flattering garment to wear - the cap sleeves work unexpectedly well. I shall wear this for work, over a long sleeved tshirt.

I've nearly finished the first sleeve of the Cobblestone Pullover. Every time I pick this up I am reminded how much I like this yarn, particularly at a close gauge. All Seasons Cotton really does work very well indeed for me. Another note to self - get this finished before the weather warms up!

I bought a whole stack of the dark grey melange colourway that I'm using a year or so ago when the colour was discontinued and it was on clearance. I've already used it to make the Garter Rib Pullover from Classic Knits for Real Women, and I'm hoping that there will be enough left over to make the Lacy Raglan Pullover from the new book 'All Seasons at the Mill'. It's going to be close....

Today I am working on Pia some more. The problem with putting a project aside for a little while is that one forgets how the pattern was going - at least, I do. But this should go fast, if I could just stick to it for a little while. It's only four skeins of All Seasons Cotton, after all, and I've nearly finished the second skein already.

Also today, I will be casting on for two new projects - Cordoba, and Chevy. Cordoba I am making exactly as pictured - three shades of Rowan 4 ply soft, and some Kidsilk Night. Chevy is made in Damask, which I haven't used before, and I've picked the charcoal/silver grey/natural colourway called Pyrite. Cordoba will probably be staying at home, as it will need some attention whilst I'm working on it due to the intarsia content, but Chevy will come to work with me.

On other matters, the new little car is going really well. It does take a bit of getting used to - it is so small compared to everything else on the road that one does feel a bit vulnerable. A bit like driving a very very large rollerskate, as someone said to me. But I've got my confidence in it now, and I'm zooming around exactly as usual.

I've got another busy day tomorrow, involving train travel. I can't remember the last time I took the train anywhere, now I come to think of it. The big advantage, of course, is that I will be able to knit during the journey. Excellent.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Busy busy

Today - hooray! - I have a new car. New to me, anyway.

I love it already. It is just sooo small. It has an engine that is just 698cc, and it doesn't even have a clutch, although it doesn't behave like any automatic I've ever driven before. So at lunchtime today it was twice round the dealer's carpark to get used to it a little bit, and then pretty much straight out onto the motorway in less than 500 yards. Talk about jumping in at the deep end ....

Anyway, I survived, and that is definitely one way to get used to a new car quite fast. Tomorrow, I get to drive it to work. And the parking is just so easy! You could get two of these little things end to end in a normal sized parking space. Or three of them sideways on, I should think.

It has been one of those days today. You know how it is sometimes when you are slightly pushed for time, and a whole stack of things happen to delay you even further? It was like that.

We've currently got no hot water in the house, and we are waiting for the plumber to call. The lack of hot water was discovered this morning by me, in the shower. The hot water left in the tank from yesterday ran out just after I'd put about a ton of conditioner on my hair, so I had an unexpected icy cold shower from that point on. It certainly wakes you up, but I cannot recommend it. By the time I'd got the conditioner out with cold water (which took ages) I was cold all the way through, and I couldn't stop shivering for quite a while.

Then the Ocado man rang up on my mobile because he couldn't find my mother's flat to deliver her groceries, and I had to direct him, which took a while. Did I mention that we were a little pushed for time already? Satnavs take you to some interesting places sometimes. So near, and yet so far. He had tried to call my mother, but couldn't get through because she was on the phone to us to let us know that the Ocado man hadn't turned up yet. Aaaargh.

Then when we went out I forgot not just my phone but also all the paperwork for the new car. We decided that the third shoe had definitely dropped at that point.

Fortunately we were able to sort everything out anyway, and finally we are back home with the new car tucked in at the end of the drive. Heee. It is sooo small!

Now. Comments. Fran, spelt is a very ancient form of wheat. It has a much lower gluten content than modern wheat varieties, and tastes just slightly different - less wheaty, if that makes any sense. Rather nice, actually. Although it does contain gluten, sometimes people who cannot cope with normal wheat can eat this stuff with no problems, so I reckoned that it was worth a try. But it turns out that it isn't going to be for me.

And finally, knitting.

I am hoping to get the front of Viv finished this evening. I am almost at the shoulder on one side, and then I have the other half of the V to work. I might actually manage this. The back is already done, so after that it is just the bands and the finishing.

Lenore has also progressed somewhat. I have turned the heel on the first sock, and I'm working the gusset. I've just looked at when I cast on for this project - January 14th - and I think this is the longest I have ever taken to complete a single sock. Except of course that it isn't complete yet, after five weeks and counting - that is positively embarrassing.

I really want to get Pia finished. I really want to get the Cobblestone Pullover finished as well. And Cordoba is waiting. I need that. The more I think about it, the more I want it done. Gorgeous 4 ply Soft and gorgeous Kidsilk Haze, all in lovely soft shades of grey. Yes please, right now.

Also, I really ought to make that other modified Ganomy hat very soon, to replace the one that 'disappeared' whilst its owner was at the pub.

So much knitting, so little time.

They really need to do something about getting that 26 hour day arranged for us knitters, you know.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Acting on impulse

Actually it wasn't really on impulse, not completely, because we've been thinking about it in general terms for a little while now....

Yesterday we bought a car, you see. We will be picking it up on Monday next week, and then I will be the proud owner of a little secondhand Smart car.

We went down to just one car about three and a half years ago, and although it has been a little inconvenient more than once, we've managed. We were both effectively retired at that point, mainly due to ill health, so it would have been pretty hard to justify running two cars. But we're past that now, and I'm working again - and I'm going to carry on, as well. I like this job. So it does seem like a good idea to have a little runabout which I can use for commuting.

It is very fuel efficient, which is important to us - well, it is very small and has a very small engine - and we are happy with all the safety features. This particular little car has low mileage for its age, and has been well looked after. We think we have a bargain.

Also acting on impulse - well, sort of - I have discovered that not only can I not eat wheat or rye, but also spelt. Don't ask. I won't be trying that again. I had heard that it might be ok, that sometimes people who cannot manage modern varieties of wheat with their high gluten content, sometimes they are fine with spelt. It turns out that does not apply to me, and I really should have left well alone.

What else - knitting has been minimal due to excitement about the new car, and time spent driving around and on the telephone getting insurance quotes.

I've worked another section on the multidirectional scarf, so I will have something to show people. I've worked a bit more of the ribbing on the front of Viv, and a bit more of the leg of the first Lenore sock. This evening is weekly knitting group, so I should with luck be able to get a bit more done on Viv. I won't be wearing it this week. Maybe next week.....

Also, to my great relief, bookings for the teach-ins are coming in nicely.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wednesday morning

I did get the back of Viv finished on Monday evening. Not much knitting yesterday evening, I was a bit tired, but I did get halfway up the ribbing for the front, at least.

It is looking rather unprepossessing, I will admit, but this is beautiful fabric. And I love the colour. I am looking forward to picking up for the neckband and the armhole edging - I enjoy fiddly bits like that.

Addi Lace needles there, by the way. They are very, very good indeed. All the nice stuff you've heard about them is absolutely true.

Work is still going well. It is a pity about the drive, though - it really is the only down factor about the whole thing.

Tuesday is definitely the worst day for driving. Yesterday it took me one hour and twenty minutes, from the time I drove away from the house, until I arrived on the shopfloor. No accident on the motorway, no road closures or anything like that - just lots of traffic.

On the way home, I leave the shopfloor at 5, in theory. If I am busy with a customer then I may not get away until twenty minutes later than that. It is pretty busy on the roads around then. Yesterday I did actually manage to leave just after 5 - and I arrived home at about 6:15.

Thursday is easier, and Saturday is not so bad really. But it always takes at least an hour, door to shopfloor. Definitely longer than I would like. Never mind, I am enjoying the job anyway.

On a more cheerful note - I've just put out a timetable for the teach-ins that I will be running during March, to give people a bit of notice. These are one hour sessions at the yarn table on the shopfloor, with small groups of up to five people - no more, because we haven't got room for more at the table. They are free of charge, and I'm really hoping that they will be popular.

For March I've timetabled sessions on finishing techniques, picking up stitches, crochet in the round making granny squares (carrying on from a 'crochet from scratch' session at the end of Feb), a multidirectional scarf (a free pattern, and getting people started with short rows) and sock basics - again, getting people started, and providing a free pattern. Each session is run on a Saturday and repeated during the following week - I have in mind that sometimes people can't make it during the weekend but are free during the week, or vice versa.

Thoughts for April - a repeat of the Crochet from Scratch, definitely - also, something more about crochet, I am thinking increasing and decreasing, with a free pattern for a ripple blanket - possibly finishing techniques again if there is interest - possibly more on socks, again, if there is interest - and something on colourwork, probably fair isle techniques.

So I am waiting now in some trepidation for people to start showing some interest. I do hope I haven't got it all horribly wrong.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Monday morning

Another freezing cold and bright morning today, and it feels as though spring isn't so very far away now. We went for a stroll up to the local pub yesterday before lunch, and there were snowdrops and crocuses blooming at the roadside, and daffodils on the tables too. But it is still so cold....

Anyway, Viv is coming along nicely.

A good long stretch of mindless stocking stitch can be just what I want, sometimes - and this project certainly fits the bill. That orange marker is the beginning of the armhole, and I've got a bit less than 50 rows still to work before the shoulder and neck shaping. If I get my act together, I might get the back finished today. I've become a little wary of predicting how long it will take me to finish things - recently it has become very apparent that I am wildly over-optimistic sometimes. So I will make no predictions here, but reserve judgement and just keep knitting.

I have been reading through the pattern for Cordoba, and I've drawn myself a little chart showing which block of colour goes where. I do find charts so much easier to deal with than the written-out instructions. I can see already that there will be a multitude of ends to deal with in this design - I must take care to weave them in as I go along, if at all possible.

However I think I will finish Pia and the Cobblestone Pullover before I start Cordoba.

Summer knitting has been on my mind, as well, and I think I have narrowed down my list somewhat now.

I really like Kaffe Fassett's Stripes Galore (yes, very sixties, I know - I remember this stuff from the first time around) and I have also completely fallen for Truffle, which I think is just gorgeous, and completely dateless. The Silk Cotton is such a lovely yarn to work with, but as it is supposed to be dry clean only I have my doubts about making this in 'Ice' , which would be my first choice - a very pale creamy white. I do wash things all the time which are supposed to be dry clean only - so I'm not too worried about the prospect of washing this. But still, maybe not pale cream. So I'm looking at 'Mink' instead.

Can I just say about the washing/dry cleaning thing - please, please - don't take this as advice! This is what I do myself - but I cannot recommend that you do it too. Please follow the advice on the ballband!

Damask is a yarn that I have never worked with, but I have completely fallen for two of the new colours - Pyrite, and Onyx. There is the perfect pattern in Rowan 43 as well - Chevy. My only difficulty is choosing which colour to use.

I also have in mind to make the Kaffe Stripe Cardigan. There is a display flag of this pattern, and I really love the colours. So that one is on the list too. Also Cookie - yet another pattern in the Silk Cotton. I'd really like to make this in black, so I've been considering a possible yarn substitution here. Either Cotton Jeans or Natural Silk Aran could work instead - but there isn't a flat black in either of these yarns either. Also, the increased weight is probably not a good idea with a stretchy rib fabric, and I don't think that I would be so happy with the end result. So I think I will stay with the Silk Cotton. Colour?- either Peat or Fudge - probably Fudge, I think.

And finally there is the Lacy Raglan Sweater, which would be quick and easy, and extremely wearable. I think I probably have yarn in the stash for this already.

So that is six more sweaters for the list. With Viv, Pia and Cobblestone on the needles at the moment, I have my work cut out here.

I'd better just keep knitting, I think.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday morning

Yesterday was definitely A Very Good Day.

First there was the most amazingly beautiful sunrise, with the light filtering through the mist across the levels down by the river. I didn't have time for a photo yesterday - I had to get out of the door and go to work, after all - but this morning was pretty amazing as well.

I've been watching for the deer again, but I haven't seen them since the floods. I suppose they've gone up onto higher ground - I hope they'll be back soon though. I used to see them quite often, particularly in the early morning.

Work was a really enjoyable day. Some very busy patches - the new yarns are practically walking out the door by themselves, and I'm not surprised - and some quiet patches too, so I wasn't completely run off my feet. At the end of the day, I actually had time to sit down and knit for a little while. Ok, maybe it was only for about 15 minutes, but it was so nice.

And the yarnwall is looking better and better. I try to keep one or two skeins of every colour on display, so that people can see exactly what we have available - and it is pretty much there, now.

People come into the yarn area - usually now I just make eye contact, smile, and say hello - sometimes they will pick up on this and ask a question, sometimes it is clear that they just want to browse. Some people know exactly what they want, and go straight there. Some people have no idea what they are after, and want to just look through the yarns and patterns for inspiration and ideas. Others also have no idea what they are after, but want inspiration and ideas from me.

I meet so many nice people. Is there such a thing as a grumpy knitter? I don't think so.

Anyway, a really excellent day. When I started, an experienced Rowan Design Consultant told me that it would probably take me four weeks to get on top of this job and not to feel exhausted at the end of the day. And this last week has been my fourth week - so I would say that she was precisely right.

Even driving home was good. The roads were pretty clear - and there was the most beautiful fingernail moon hanging in the sky. I love watching the phases of the moon change. It's funny how I never used to even notice things like this.

And in the evening there were a couple of good films on satellite, and knitting.

Viv is heading fast towards the armhole shaping - actually this will be increasing, for the cap sleeves. Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK in Gooseberry, if you're wondering. And it is amazing to work with. Very well behaved, lovely and soft of course, and a beautiful drape to it. Really, a pleasure.

Finally, I've got this - from Lucy and Kai - thankyou!

I'm now supposed to name ten people who inspire me - and my only problem here is picking just ten.

Lene is top of my list. This lady never fails to inspire. She writes with elegance and clarity, and her work is just amazing.

Jared is next. His work is always original and always so beautifully photographed.

Jean is endlessly entertaining. Her tastes in knitting are very similar to mine, and again she writes so beautifully.

Stephanie - well, Stephanie very nearly goes without saying. Her blog was the very first one that I discovered, even before I found the existence of the huge online knitting community that I now (almost) take for granted.

I've been reading Norma's blog for a long time too. Again, a lady who knows how to use words. She's committed to post every day this year, and she will do it, too.

Franklin. What would we do without him? Witty, entertaining, and creative.

Marilyn, who doesn't mince words, but I have a suspicion isn't nearly as fierce as she sounds.

Joe - again, one of the very first blogs I began to read regularly. Joe always has something interesting to say, and his work is beautiful.

And to finish, Margene and Claudia. Both of these ladies have the most amazing colour sense, and write beautifully as well. Two more bloggers that I've been reading for a long, long time now.

So that's ten, and I can immediately think of at least a dozen more. Everyone on the list in my sidebar, for a start.

This weekend (Sunday and Monday, for me) there will, I hope, be a whole lot of knitting. I've got my yarn for Cordoba now, and I'm looking forward to starting on that soon. Viv first, though. I want to wear it next week - although this could possibly be a little over-optimistic. I'll see.

Friday, 8 February 2008

New beginnings

I am still here. I've just been really, really busy.

But the yarnwall is no longer looking quite so much like a disaster area, and the new yarns are out. They are absolutely lovely, by the way - and I am very happy with this year's new patterns. There are so many really wearable things, to fit all shapes and sizes.

Lots of stuff to talk about today, so a long post - and lots of pictures too, as I've started rather a lot of new things.

On the subject of new yarns and patterns, a little more about those display flags.

The stripy one is the Kaffe Stripe Cardigan from Rowan 43 - and it speaks for itself, really. The man has done it again, as he always does. Genius - the colours are just beautiful. This is worked in Rowan's 4 ply Cotton and Cotton Glace. I love it and it will be mine! But later.....

The pink one at the back is called Wallflower, and it is worked in Rowan's new Purelife Cotton DK. I love this yarn to bits. It is wonderfully soft and the colours are subtle and beautiful - and what is really interesting here is that all the dyes used for this range are vegetable dyes. This colour is called Madder - and it really is dyed with madder. The pattern is from the Organic Cotton Collection, and it is a wrap cardigan. I've got my eye on a neat little textured pullover from this book called Sweet William - I would make it in Logwood, I think.

In the middle at the front is a swatch for the cover design from Rowan 43 - this is called Gabrielle. 4ply cotton again, and really pretty.

And now my two favourites.

This gorgeous black and cream lacy swatch is for Meringue, from Rowan Classic's Summer Breeze brochure. I really enjoyed knitting this - it is something rather special. That is black velvet ribbon threaded through the eyelets in my swatch - the pattern called for satin, but I couldn't immediately find it in the right width, and as it turns out, the velvet works beautifully as a contrast to the knitted fabric. Really rather pleasing.

And last but most definitely not least, a new design from Sharon Miller.

Now, I am a huge fan of this lady's work - and this shawl - Purity - is no exception. It is a wide shallow triangle. You start at the lower point, and increase rapidly outwards at each side. From the top of the triangle, the edging is simply knitted on, as you can see above, and there is an interesting loopy cast off, which adds to the flouncy effect. Then the edging for the other two sides is picked up and worked in exactly the same way. Effect - beautiful.

This is worked here in Kidsilk Night for the main triangle - the one with a bit of sparkle to it - and Kidsilk Haze, for the coloured edging. But it would work brilliantly with two shades of KSH - perhaps one of the more vivid colours that might be hard to wear by itself, together with a neutral. All sorts of possibilites.....

I've got a couple more swatches to work still, and I'll put up some pics when I have them finished.

In the meantime, I've been playing around with yarn, which is excellent fun, as we all know.

This is the beginning of a mistake stitch scarf in Rowan Classic Wool Tweed. This yarn is surprisingly light and easy to work, and it is producing really a rather nice fabric. I like this yarn more than I was expecting to, actually.

Here is the beginning of a multidirectional scarf in Rowan Tapestry - this is just an oddment left over from my Tartan Scarf. The picture doesn't do it justice - not unusual with my photography, of course. I can absolutely see why this pattern has been so very popular.

Also, my yarn finally arrived, and I have started Viv.

This is Rowan Classic Baby Alpaca DK and it is just so soft. Like kittens, truly. The colour is Gooseberry, the same as the pattern picture - and I don't want to put this down. It is my new favourite thing.

Something that I haven't actually started yet - nor am I likely to in the immediate future - is the first instalment of the Blue Moon Sock Club for 2008.

This is Dragon Dance - and it is red. Red, red, red. Not orange, my camera lies. To my shame, I haven't even read the pattern yet. I still haven't finished even the first Lenore sock. I will get there, but it won't be just yet. Meanwhile, I look at it and enjoy.

I will finish with a gratuitous Lucy picture.

She knows exactly how cute she is, too!

Monday, 4 February 2008


Just a little bit tense here at the moment.

My son is moving house today, and he will be living rather closer to us from now on. He decided to do the removal himself, with a hired van - all well and good. Except that there was a bit of a crisis this morning when everything wouldn't fit in the van. It was very very full, no more room at all, and quite a few more boxes with no place to go. Everybody's nightmare on moving day.....

So my husband drove up there, and now our car is completely full of boxes as well as the hired van, and they are making their way (carefully, I sincerely hope) along the motorway. They should be here very soon, I think, if all goes well.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

I can show you some knitting now.

These pretty things are the display flags for my yarn department (my! yarn department!) and I have really enjoyed working on them.

I've got more to say about these but it will have to wait, because they have just arrived, and I need to go and help unpack the van!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Things that have changed since I started work

  • I've been busy all day, every day at work. My mind hasn't been able to switch off in the evening the same way.
  • I've been physically really, really tired. This is getting less, though. It's the end of my third week - goodness that went quickly! - and I am not falling asleep in my chair in the evening any more.
  • On my days off during the week, I've usually been so tired that it took me the whole day to recover.
  • I have had no time worth mentioning for my own knitting.
  • I haven't done any spinning at all.
  • The amount I read has reduced drastically.
  • I haven't been playing the piano either.
  • I have had no time worth mentioning for my own knitting.
  • I've lost eight pounds in weight - although I believe a large part of this is because I've gone gluten-free. (Got my test results, by the way - negative. So I am just a person who does not get on well with wheat and rye. But no way I am eating gluten again. I remember how I was feeling at the end of those three weeks.....) I also think that going gluten-free has helped my energy levels - I certainly have felt so much healthier this last week.
  • I have had no time worth mentioning for my own knitting.
  • I don't mind driving at night the way I used to - this was something that I really disliked before, for no specific reason. Turns out it was just lack of practice, I think. It doesn't bother me any more.
  • I have had no time worth mentioning for my own knitting - oh wait, I mentioned that already. More than once. Well, it bears repeating. Here I am in a job which is completely focussed around knitting, and I have no time to knit my own projects. But this won't last, and I know I will be getting back to it soon.
  • I really like my job.