Monday, 7 January 2008

You don't want to see this

This weekend I have been working on the absolutely plain sleeveless pullover. I haven't put a picture of this up yet, and now you can see why.

It does not look very interesting, especially after Benedikta.

However it is very pleasant knitting. Sometimes I just want miles of nice soothing stocking stitch. And with a nice yarn, what's more to want? I'm enjoying it.

But there isn't anything else to show you really. Except my spinning, perhaps. That's looking quite pretty.

This is the last of 100 grams of the Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester in Pinata. It is on the Kate at the moment, I'm going to navajo ply it later today if I get enough spare time.

I think this is going to start off as a Shoalwater Shawl, or something along those lines. I shall just start knitting and see where I end up.

The only other fibre-related activity this weekend has been darning socks, and I'm certainly not going to post pictures of that. My husband has gone through the heel of three pairs of socks, one after another. They are of course his favourite and most worn pairs, and they have all gone through at the left hand side of the underneath of the heel.

Maybe I should reinforce the others before they all go through too.... but somehow I don't think that will happen. Me doing the reinforcing, I mean - not the socks not wearing through. Although that would be even better.

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Kai said...

I do want to see this!!! I love plain jumpers and st st.

Your spinning is absolutely beautiful!