Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Why getting up early is over-rated

This morning it was my intention to arrive at work two hours early, and get a fair bit of the yarn wall sorted out. I thought it might take me a bit longer, because there would probably be more traffic - maybe an hour instead of 45 minutes?

Not even close.

The journey actually took me one hour and 45 minutes. I should not have bothered to get up early. I should have stayed in bed and gone in at my usual time - I wasted a whole hour sitting in traffic.

I had a good day at work though. I am enjoying this job, although I can see that keeping the yarnwall in order is going to be rather like painting the Forth Bridge - no sooner have you finished than it is time to start again at the other end. Except with yarn involved of course, so I don't mind. And I don't think I've reached the halfway point on the yarnwall yet, let alone finished. But it is still fun.

One thing that happen as I am sorting out all the colours - ideas come to mind. When I'm sorting out a particular yarn, I take it all off the shelves and drop it into a wire basket - then I think about what I want where, to look good - and put it all back. And in all this mixing up and rearranging, it happens that I see a combination that really strikes me, and then I think of a pattern.

At one point this morning, I was sorting out the Rowan 4 ply soft, and Hanover came to mind. Goodness that picture is tiny - try this one. A little larger. Anyway, I think this would look brilliant worn with a little tshirt and some trousers, and I'm planning to recolour it..... current thoughts, Malachite for the main colour, with Sooty for the first contrast - this is somewhat softer than it looks here. This was the combination that I spotted, you see.

The pattern says Marine - (which is a whole lot darker in real life, really a very dark navy) but I think I like the softness of the grey, rather than the strong contrast of the navy blue, which looks quite hard.

I need two more contrasts. The pattern has Kidsilk Haze Liqueur - again, much much darker in real life, a deep dark red - and not for me, I don't think. The last contrast given in the pattern is Kidsilk Night Bronze, which I rather like, and might actually go with. I'm thinking probably Anthracite instead of Liqueur..... or maybe Smoke. Possibly Anthracite is too dark. Or maybe Hurricane would be better - that one really is a stunning colour.

On Thursday I'll have a look at them all together and make my mind up.

It is just so nice being able to actually see the colours in the skein. The shade cards are excellent of course, and I've managed with them for a good while now - but nothing quite compares to having the yarn right there.

Actual knitting content today - not a lot so far. I'm knitting this evening though, and plan to do more tomorrow.

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Kazza said...

I know exactly where you are coming from on the how long it takes to get to work subject, it takes me 45 mins to go 3 miles! Crazy madness!