Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wednesday evening

I am still rather tired. I am sure that tomorrow will be easier than yesterday - and I am also sure that last night's exhaustion was mostly due to the appalling drive home. Really I cannot remember driving in worse conditions.

Tomorrow there is more rain forecast - but it does say light rain, so that might not be so bad. We did notice today that the road where I barely got through yesterday is now closed, so if that hasn't been opened tomorrow morning then I shall have to take a detour. So I shall be leaving early, just in case.

Things are starting to settle into perspective, regarding work. I do have a lot of sorting out to do, restocking the shelves and arranging everything so that it looks pretty. This evening I shall sit down and go through the paperwork, and make a list of things to do tomorrow.

And it's going to feel like a long day tomorrow - I don't start until 12, and I work through until 7 in the evening. But one advantage is that the roads should be clear of the rush hour traffic by then, so the journey home should be easier.

Tomorrow I am by myself in the department all day. Yesterday I had an experienced Design Consultant with me for part of the day - on Saturday it will be the same. But tomorrow I'm on my own. I'm not worried though, everyone there is so friendly and helpful that I am sure I will manage.

So, right now I'm going to go and cook some supper. Then I'm going to sit down with the files, get things mentally organised ready for tomorrow, and make some lists - and then I believe I am going to knit some more on Lenore.

Speaking of socks - I now have a copy of Cat Bordhi's book New Pathways for Sock Knitters, which I bought from Alice at Socktopus. I have only looked through quickly, but already I can see this is full of original and excellent ideas. More on this anon.....

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