Friday, 25 January 2008

Time flies

Friday seems to have come round very fast. The rhythm of my week has changed of course since I started work, and I am still finding the long drive tiring, particularly at the end of the day. When I leave work, my mind is buzzing - I come away energised and full of enthusiasm. By the time I reach home, I've come down from that point and I'm just tired.

Thursday at work went really well. It is beginning to feel like my own personal yarn store, which is a bit of a surprise to me actually. I find that I feel responsible for it - well, I am responsible for it! - the contents of the stockroom shelves are becoming more familiar, and I'm starting to be able to go straight to what I need, instead of hunting along the shelves.

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Weekly Knit Club that I am going to be running. We are having this in the yarn department sitting around the table there, and as we haven't got a lot of spare space, numbers have to be limited. At the moment this isn't exactly a problem, as there were just two of us there - a small and select group, you could say! But we did have a good time, we will do the same again next week, and hopefully more people will join us soon.

It was so nice to actually sit down and do some knitting. With all the tidying up and sorting out that I've had to do, I've almost lost sight of the knitting element. I really must try to make time each day just to sit and knit for a while.

Knitting - well, my Rowan knitting has been Birch. I am still right at the beginning of this, only a few repeats in so far, and a row does take a while. But it is looking beautiful, and I am remembering why I love knitting lace so much.

I have also cast on for Pia. This is a neat little singlet top by Kim Hargreaves from Rowan 35, and it takes just 4 skeins of All Seasons Cotton.

The yarn that I'm using for it was actually the free gift with Rowan International membership this year. The accompanying pattern was for a lacy wrap or waistcoat, and I had started working on the wrap. However I just didn't feel the love, as they say, and when I spotted Pia on Ravelry, the decision was made. I shall be able to wear this to work, over a tshirt. Very useful.

It does occur to me that I should have taken a picture before I frogged it.... never mind. I am a bad blogger with regard to things like that, I always seem to remember them afterwards.

Lenore remains sadly untouched. I shall be so far behind with the Blue Moon Sock Club that it is quite unspeakable - I still have to finish Lenore and Cat Bordhi's Salish Sea Socks from the 2007 club, and already the first shipment of the 2008 club is on its way. I think I may be beyond hope here, but I haven't given up yet.

Finally, I have started the first sleeve of the Cobblestone Pullover. I've finished the garter stitch border, and I am just about to begin the increases. These sleeves do seem to be quite wide at the cuff, to my mind. I could change this, but I am feeling lazy and I think I will just go with the pattern, for this time round at least.

Pictures of all this soon, I promise. Probably at the weekend. Which for me, starts on Sunday.


picperfic said...

wish I lived near you, I'd love to come and knit with you! Sounds like a job made in heaven. Hope your tummy has settled down. I have just ordered that magazine so I can knit Pia too, I didn't like the waistcoat pattern after I joined the Rowan club so my yanr has been waiting for inspiration.

Queen of the froggers said...

Glad it all seems to be going OK. I am excited to see some previews of rowan 43 mag, there are some really fresh looking patterns.