Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thursday morning

Here is Lenore, looking - well, small, because I haven't been knitting much.

And also looking rather more purple than in real life - I suppose it's the flash.

I like this pattern. It is all very normal, and that makes for soothing knitting. I've just finished the lace cuff with its Gothic arches, and the leg will continue in a vertical lace pattern. This is STR lightweight from Blue Moon, in case you're interested. The colour is also called Lenore, and it is one of the Raven Clan colours, specially dyed for the 2007 Rockin Sock Club - and those are my Knitpicks dpns.

I like those needles. They are fractionally heavier than most other needles, although they are certainly lighter than my Addi steel ones. The points are lovely and pointy, the finish is excellent, and - best of all - they are just 6" long. This is in my opinion the perfect length for sock needles, and I can see these becoming my needles of choice.

It's raining again, and we are watching the water rising across the fields behind the house. It is higher now than we have ever seen it before, and there is more rain forecast over the weekend.

I found this picture on the BBC news site.

This is the road that I just barely made it through on Tuesday evening, pictured at 7 am on Wednesday morning, and it would be my normal route to work.

That is not a bridge.

It is just a road through what is normally open fields - the river Avon itself is right down by that building at the far end, except that it is all over the place at the moment. Those vehicles further down the road are three cars and three lorries that got stuck and were being winched out by the fire brigade. Yes, the lorries couldn't get through. That water is quite deep.

So, I will be taking a different route to work today, rather longer, but sticking to A roads and the motorways as much as possible. And I have a strong suspicion that if we had been able to see just how high the water was on Tuesday evening, nobody would have been trying to cross then either.


Queen of the froggers said...

That flood is mad, glad you were not in it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just stay at home, and knit! Fran