Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thursday morning

It's blowing a gale outside this morning and raining as well, and the forecast is for more of the same. I shall have to go out at some point and take Lucy for a walk - I don't think she will be any more enthusiastic about it than I am. But we will both feel better for it, I'm sure. Maybe....

Lucy is doing well, by the way. She's still being fed exclusively on her special prescription food, which she really doesn't like. Every time we put the bowl down for her, she looks up sadly - what, this stuff again? However she's now allowed a few little non-fat treats, like carrot sticks, which she loves. So that helps.

And the sleeveless pullover is progressing. I've just finished the armhole shaping and I'm about to divide for the V neck.

I do like this yarn. Very rustic, quite a bit of thick-and-thin, and a nice earthy colour, impossible to capture on camera, it seems. I'm expecting to have one skein untouched when I finish this pullover. A nice yarn to have in the remnants box, definitely.

The fabric is lovely. There really is nothing quite like knitting with wool.

Two nice things arrived in the post this morning. The first of these was my December shipment from the Blue Moon Sock Club. This is the last of the 2007 club yarns. It took a while - the postmark is December 12, so that was more than 4 weeks. Usually it is here in a week or ten days.

Anyway, a really beautiful colour - Bella Coola, in STR mediumweight - and a really interesting pattern - Salish Sea Socks, by Cat Bordhi.

The architecture of these socks is like nothing I've ever tried before, and I shall enjoy knitting these. Toe up construction, a star toe - yes, a star toe worked toe up! and it can be graduated too! - and with regard to the gusset, well, there isn't one, as such. It is all different from usual. The heel turn is new too.

I do like trying new things. I don't think I am quite ready to cast on for more socks just yet though. Soon...

The other nice thing was my job offer from Rowan - I am now officially a Rowan Design Consultant!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, congratulations...a Rowan consultant, I'm VERY do you get to be one of those? Fantastic! I really like your sweater yarn too, what is it? It looks thick and tweedy and yummy, I want it! Fran

Fiona said...

The yarn is Rowan's Yorkshire Tweed Aran, now discontinued, in a colour called Thorny. It turns up on eBay fairly regularly. Other than that, the closest thing you'll find is Rowan's Scottish Tweed, I think - which I hear is actually even nicer.

How to get to be a Rowan Consultant - being in the right place at the right time, mainly, I think! ;)