Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Still here

Well, that was my first day as a new Rowan Design Consultant. And truly I cannot remember being more tired.

My head is buzzing with information about stock and procedures - my legs are aching because of the stock room ladder - who needs a stairmaster with one of those in their life! - and really I am just exhausted.

The driving was horrible. This morning it was pouring with rain and a lot of the roads were flooded. This evening it was pouring with rain even harder, even more of the roads were flooded, and of course it was pitch dark.

So, fun. Especially when, you know, there is a bit in the road where the water is deep, and cars are taking turns going through it one at a time. And a big lorry comes zooming through in the opposite direction when someone else (me) is right at the deepest bit, and pushes them out to the side of the road (even deeper there) and swamps them completely with a great big wave of water.

Now, I drive a Prius. Clever little electric car + lots of water = bad news. Fortunately the engine did not die on me. But if it gets any deeper I don't think I will be able to get through on that road.

But the job - the job is going to be just fine. I enjoyed it today. I'm just looking forward to the time - not far away, I hope - when the yarn wall is all organised neatly, I know what I've got in the stock room, and I can focus on the knitting.

What went in the knitting bag - Birch, actually!


Kai said...

Yay! Day one all done.. and *hugs* I can imagine how exhausting it was. But it's all good fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad day 1 went well (perhaps I shouldn't say it's taken me 6 months to feel that I know my job inside out!) Hope it won't be too long before you can get some knitting-at-work done.

Lisa xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would so love to have a job like that! (Think the stock room and wage packet might be empty though, and the stash VERY large and growing!!!) Fran

Nevisknitter said...

Glad you enjoyed work, that weather is probably the worst you will have to contend with, hopefully the rest of your journeys are incident free.