Saturday, 12 January 2008


We woke this morning with wonderful sunshine coming in the window, and clear blue skies. It is still pretty cold but the torrential rain has stopped, for the time being at least.

Also, there was this.

And this....

We have a lake at the back of the house. Actually of course, this is the flood plain of the Avon doing exactly what it is supposed to do when it rains a lot - flood. Please note that we are looking down on all this, we are in no danger here from the waters. We're just enjoying looking at it all.

What used to be water meadows is now water, and somewhere in the middle of all that is the Avon, which normally we cannot actually see at all. There are some very big gulls flying around - quite startlingly huge actually, and plenty of them. I think they must be herring gulls. They don't look very friendly at all, they are so big. And I've seen the resident heron in the air this morning as well, cruising so slowly that it looks as if he will fall out of the air. Slow, slow wingbeats..... looking as if it is impossible for him to actually stay up there, and yet he does.... Now he looks friendly, even though he is bigger than the gulls.

But before this turns into 'Nature Notes', I'd better start talking about knitting.

Here is the current state of the Cobblestone Pullover.

It is looking rather more recognizable now - this is 7 and a bit of the required 16 inches to reach the armholes, and I'm coming to the end of the third skein. We'll see how it goes, I shall work on it some more this evening. I'm still using the Russian join, by the way, and I'm still pleased with the result. I wouldn't normally have used this with a cotton yarn, but it does seem to be better than any alternative that I can think of. Mind you, I'm making sure that the joins are in the garter stitch side panels, and you can hide all sorts in that. Which is, of course, good.

Today I'm planning to wind the two remaining Blue Moon sock club yarns, Lenore and Bella Coola. When I start making socks again - because I will, I'm not all socked out forever! - I shall start with these two. They are both excellent patterns with famous authors, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Cat Bordhi respectively, and will be interesting to work.

Also, I'm planning to navajo ply the Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester that's been sitting on the Lazy Kate all week, and finish the yarn as well, with luck. I'm going to cast on for a triangular shawl with this as soon as I can. Maybe the Shoalwater Shawl, or maybe this Comfort Shawl, which looks so gorgeous. This fibre has looked so completely different in the roving, as a single, and as a plied yarn - and now I want to see what it looks like knitted up.

I've got as far as setting up a fresh bobbin on the flyer - one of the new ones I had made - and putting a leader on as well. All I need to do is sit down at the wheel for a while. I have no idea how long it will take me to ply a full bobbin.

Well, there's only one way to find out!

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Queen of the froggers said...

Cobblestone looks good. I saw a Heron the other day. Beautiful birds, even though they do eat my friends fish in their pond!