Friday, 11 January 2008

Moving on some more...

I finished the sleeveless pullover yesterday evening.

Here it is, indoors as you can see, because it is pouring outside still. Actually this isn't a bad representation of the colour, which is an earthy dark olive green.

So, this is based on Peace Fleece's Simple Pie Vest. I've resized it to fit my husband, as he has a 48" chest and the largest size in the pattern has a finished measurement of 44". This has taken most of 5 skeins of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran, in Thorny.

Nice straightforward pattern, extremely easy, and a good useful basic.

You might have noticed that the Ruffles scarf has disappeared from the list of projects on the needles. I decided that if it has been on the needles all this time then I probably wasn't going to finish it - if I really liked it, then I'd be wanting to work on it, and plainly this hasn't been happening. So, I have frogged it, and the yarn is back in the stash again.

Not hard to find what to make with 5 skeins of Berroco Suede though - Coachella. I loved this immediately, really flattering and unusual. I have been looking through finished projects on Ravelry, and it is apparent that the size chosen is critical - it seems to be better to make a size smaller then usual, and let negative ease do the work. Otherwise it ends up being too loose at the neckline to be wearable. So it isn't impossible that I might end up making a size Small, which sounds a bit like a joke. Well, I can always frog it again if I have to - I've got enough yarn to go up to a Large.

But anyway, that's for later in the year.

Yesterday evening I cast on for the Cobblestone Pullover.

This is Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Slick, and I'm on the second skein already. And no, it isn't blue.

I really don't know why my camera tends to make things look bluer than they really are, but it definitely does. This is a dark, dark grey melange. This colour was discontinued not long ago, and I bought a stack of it whilst it was reduced. I do like grey.....

Anyway, all going well so far. The only problem with working in the round using a yarn like ASC is how to deal with joining a new skein. I am taking care to keep the joins lined up with the underarms, and I'm using a Russian join. I don't usually use this with a yarn like ASC, but so far it seems to be alright. I'll see how it goes as things progress.

I've now got to work the body to a length of 16", knit all the way except for garter stitch panels at the sides. I've put markers in for these, as the pattern suggests, otherwise I am sure I would go flying past and keep having to frog.

Anyway, nice straightforward knitting, ideal for days like this when you just want to stay indoors. It did eventually stop raining yesterday, and Lucy and I had a good walk. It really looks set in today, though.........

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Kai said...

The vest looks lovely! Love the colour.

ALso, I like the idea of using ASC for the Cobblestone Pullover. Ollie isn't too taken with the pattern though. (MEN!)