Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Moving on....

This morning I am knitting again. Here is the sleeveless pullover, which hasn't progressed a lot.

You can see the back there underneath - it is folded in half because I have both sets of shoulder stitches on the same stitch holder, which is one of those like a huge long safety pin. The front is lying over the top, and as you can see, I have not much further to go before I reach the armholes.

The division for the V neckline is straight after the armhole shaping, and after that things should go fairly fast. I am getting wary of giving predictions about when I will get things finished, because experience has shown that I invariably get it wrong and things take longer than I expect them to. So no predictions about this - not today, anyway.

I've been thinking - again - about what I shall knit next. I am starting work next Tuesday, and my knitting at work is expected to be in Rowan yarns, and to a Rowan pattern. Also, I do need in theory to be wearing a Rowan handknit myself, preferably from the current collections. I haven't actually got anything that fits the bill for that, apart from the Tartan Scarf, and that isn't something I'm going to be wearing indoors. Plus, I am not going to choose a big warm pullover, because I shall be in a nice warm store.

So, that needs thought. I still love Cordoba. Plus I should also choose something from the current Rowan Classic brochures. And that website has come back to life again, by the way, which is brilliant. Every time I've looked at it recently I've seen only last summer's stuff. Lovely to see the new patterns!

Anyway, layers are good, in case I get hot. (Who am I kidding? When I get hot, not in case I get hot. At this stage in my life, it happens from time to time. No, I can't take HRT. And yes, I really wish I could.) So, sleeveless things, to be worn over a long sleeved cotton top. Or cotton things. Or failing that, roomy things. Nothing too heavy.

So, I'm thinking at the moment - Viv, from Rowan Classic AM to PM, in Baby Alpaca DK.

Yes, that gives me two V neck sleeveless tops. But this is workwear, and that's not a bad thing, especially in two different colour palettes, I think.

This afternoon is going to be spent getting Google bookmarks sorted out properly, because Firefox has suddenly decided that it isn't going to let me have my bookmarks toolbar any more. Or more accurately, it lets me have the bookmarks toolbar, but without any bookmarks on it. I have no idea what triggered this, or how to sort it out - but I have found my bookmarks backup folder, and I'm using the information in there to sort out Google Bookmarks.

This could take a while.

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